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September 9, 2019

BITWORK alliance with BINARYSTAR, ultimately creating a greater knowledge hub and Blockchain Community between Hong Kong & Japan

August 26th, 2019 – BITWORK, the Blockchain community pioneer headquartered in Hong Kong is proud to announce their new strategic alliance with BINARYSTAR, is a renowned company operating Blockchain businesses and community in Japan.

Source: Bitwork, Hong Kong

Through this collaboration, BITWORK & BINARYSTAR will leverage and share their business connections and resources together. Both community members may gain access to Bitwork’s co-working space and facilities, as well as access to BINARYSTAR’s co-working space, facilities in Ginza, a district in Japan. This has massive benefits for both members, as Blockchain enthusiasts in Japan may now go to Hong Kong, gaining new insights and shared experience at Bitwork. On the other hand, community members in Hong Kong, may now travel to Japan gaining access to facilities, and sharing knowledge and experience with Japan Blockchain experts. This will be a cornerstone in developing both regions’ Blockchain community, and unlocking new value for both respective regions.

Source: BINARTYSTAR, Japan.

With this new initiative, both community members may also develop their businesses, enabling Hong Kong and Japan’s Blockchain community to prosper. However, both BINARYSTAR and BITWORK are expanding their presence beyond Japan and Hong Kong, with the ultimatum to venture beyond the Asia market. It is this alignment of vision that enabled both organizations to collaborate on this win-win, long-term strategic business partnership.

Source Bitwork, Hong Kong.

BINARYSTAR, and BITWORK’s community members will gain the most benefits as they will gain access to both resources from Japan, as well as Hong Kong. This will have a positive impact on the Blockchain community for both regions, and will strengthen both relationships’ in the future.

Source: BINARYSTAR, Japan.

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