Penta Flagship won the Champion of Infinity Blockathon 2020 for City Transformation

Asia Blockchain Review
November 7, 2020

Overcoming young talents from universities and businesses across the country, 5 members from PENTA FLAGSHIP excellently won the champion of Infinity Blockathon 2020 for City Transformation.

The Grand Final of “Infinity Blockathon 2020 for City Transformation” organized by Infinity Blockchain Ventures & Asia Blockchain Review took place successfully on November 7th, 2020 at UEH Institute of Innovation and Innovation (UII), officially ended the 4-month meaningful series of activities, with the competition of the Top 6 best teams in Hack-run round including TechBlock, Dev Viet, UEF FIT, Fenta Flagship, Inha, STW. With their excellent idea, internationally team Penta Flagship with members from Thailand, Indonesia, Mongolia and Vietnam won the championship of the Hackathon.

The three topics of the contest: Supply Chain, Smart City and Insurtech-Fintech, which are presented by major organizations such as AIA Vietnam, WowTrace and Institute of Smart City and Management (ISCM), raised practical issues of enterprises and society. These issues can be solved by advanced technology solutions, and especially Blockchain technology.

The highlight of the Blockathon 2020 and the Grand Final round is the competition are held in the form of “Hybrid” – The combination of offline and online activities. In particular, the only team with members from many different countries, although not participating directly offline but received the highest score from the Judges. The solution of Penta Flagship is a “medicine delivery system with a blockchain-based data-sharing platform called Medicine2You, aiming at bridging the gaps between stakeholders in the pharmaceutical supply chain ecosystem.

The contest is not only a playground for young talents who are passionate about new technologies but also gives the community deeper insight into the practical application of Blockchain in many different fields.

About Infinity Blockathon 2020 for City Transformation

Infinity Blockathon 2020 is the continuation event of the first Hackathon in Vietnam organized by Infinity Blockchain Ventures (IBV) and Asia Blockchain Review (ABR).

The Blockathon has received advise from many prestigious organizations such as New Zealand Business and Trade Development (NZTE) and University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City as well as supports from leading organizations including AIA Vietnam, Amanotes, Zone Startups Vietnam, Cloud Ace Vietnam, Baemin, KPMG and TMA Alliance (KTA), Infinito, etc. In addition, mentors and judges come from incubators, TopDev investment funds, ThinkZone Ventures, etc.

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