HSBC: Digitized Letter of Credit Enables Blockchain Transaction

HSBC is the first-ever bank to carry out a cross-border blockchain transaction between Australia and China using a digitized letter of credit.
editor - April 19, 2019
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Vietnam is in the spotlight for recent developments in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, while new players are emerging in the rapidly growing ecosystem.
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In this issue of VisioBloc, we explore the emerging field of RegTech, which seeks to offer solutions to compliance and regulatory issues through the use...
admin - August 8, 2018
On December 1, 2017 the National Tax Agency released a statement relating to regulation of blockchain titled “Tax Calculations on Cryptocurrency Investments.”
admin - August 7, 2018
After a month of certainty, according to Quartz, India will study and even consider cryptocurrency as commodity instead of planning to ban it as informed...
admin - August 7, 2018
Thailand has sidestepped all the controversy and made a truly courageous action by enforcing a completely new law to regulate ICO and cryptocurrencies.
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