Unblock the Enterprise – Educating the audience on enterprise solutions with Blockchain and illustration...

On the 30th of November, Block Universe held its first event as a joint initiative at KX Tower, Bangkok with the aim of discussing the applications and business models of enterprise blockchain. This event known as “Unblock the Enterprise” proved to be a huge success with overwhelming responses featuring attendees from SET (Stock Exchange of Thailand), KTB Bank and more. It presented a local and international panel of experts from China, Singapore, and Thailand, to speak on that day.
editor - December 6, 2018
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editor - November 20, 2018
The Ministry of Commerce of Thailand has launched two feasibility studies which will tap into applying blockchain in trade finance and intellectual property registration. According...
admin - August 8, 2018
On December 1, 2017 the National Tax Agency released a statement relating to regulation of blockchain titled “Tax Calculations on Cryptocurrency Investments.”
admin - August 7, 2018
After a month of certainty, according to Quartz, India will study and even consider cryptocurrency as commodity instead of planning to ban it as informed...
admin - August 7, 2018
Thailand has sidestepped all the controversy and made a truly courageous action by enforcing a completely new law to regulate ICO and cryptocurrencies.
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