World’s First Virtual WorkTech Summit: Grooves

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July 14, 2020
World’s First Virtual WorkTech Summit: Grooves

A Human Resource Tech Company, Grooves recently hosted a virtual summit with key speakers from Lazada Malaysia, Netflix, IBM and more from the 30th of June till the 2nd of July 2020. The initiative was to showcase innovations and future technologies from 100 businesses on its platform in helping various entrepreneurs navigate a new-world order, or widely known as the Post-Covid-19 world.

Small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to various businesses have been suffering immense losses on their operations to finance since the start of Movement Control Order (MCO) earlier this year.

Looking into the aspect of recoveries and proving themselves to stabilise the economy takes a lot of process for it to become a reality. The Chief Executive Officer of Grooves, Yukihiro Ikemi said that despite the reopening of businesses, challenges are being faced as Malaysia attempts to recover for the whole economic downturn.


A New Way Of Life: The New Future

World’s First Virtual WorkTech Summit: Grooves

The World Bank’s Human Capital Index has released that Malaysia is at the ranking of 55th out of 157 countries in data. The economic outlook is looking to sustain private sectors post the pandemic converges on the country with a gradational growth lessing on the factor of accumulation and productivity. “Malaysia will need to advance further in education, health and nutrition, and social protection outcomes.” WBHC stated.

As changes happen and adaptation is required, societies are either stagnating or proceeding towards the new norm of life. The conversations of the summit by the speakers further emphasised that “nothing lasts forever, even if it is during tough times.”

That further puts in demand that the reality of life to even operations in our daily lives, be it personal to businesses, creates a new way of adapting and adopting to what is needed. 


Innovative Solutions For All

As the government of Malaysia continues to provide opportunities for businesses across the countries to sustain on their own two-feets, Grooves further supported the case by creating a platform for entrepreneurs and SME owners to boost through the technological innovations. Yukihiro further stated that it was commenced to change the mindsets of many to become future-forward.

The two-week summit featured talks by prestigious guest speakers such as the Chief Operating Officer of Lazada Malaysia, Shah Suriye Rubhen and the former Chief Talent Officer of Netflix, Patty McCord, Talent Leader for IBM AP & CGP, Pallavi Srivastava, Samsung Electronics Human Resources (HR) and General Affairs Director, Chen Fong Tuan, Chair for The Future of Work for Singularity University, Gary A. Bolles, and various authors namely Siobhan McHale, Charlene Li and Michael McQueen.

Recovering The Businesses

According to KPMG,  there are four stages that outline the path through to recovery post the pandemic that is happening worldwide, be it in the form of smaller society, to big corporations and even; to small-medium-enterprises in Malaysia. The idea is to react, resilience, recover and understand the new reality.

As technology is being developed, the way of life for everyone changes its way through simultaneously. The summit hosted by Grooves has invited businesses to showcase their product innovations, latest tools and future technologies that are useful in navigating “the new normal” for free. If you are keen to know more, check out

No One Is Left Behind

Business owners and entrepreneurs who have attended the summit receive exclusive access to humanised virtual networking sessions in seeking potential funding and future clients, to expand their industry knowledge whilst getting access to over 100-technological solutions reinforcing their organisation to the next level.

“Businesses can create workplaces that can deliver growth despite disruptive times. Hence, the importance of accelerating the momentment is how one can champion digitally connected workforces.” Yukhiro concluded. 

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