Covid-19 is A Wake Up Call: Infinity Blockchain Labs Taiwan Explains

Nurul Zamrè

May 29, 2020

Covid-19 is A Wake Up Call: Infinity Blockchain Labs Taiwan Explains

Getting onto the bandwagon of adapting towards the future technology of transparency to traceability can be a long process to some, but when one identifies the importance of it, everything eventually makes sense on why the usage is crucial. We spoke to the Co-Founder of Infinity Blockchain Group who is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Infinity Blockchain Labs Taiwan (IBLT), Junya Yamamoto to get more insights on it especially during the pandemic time of the century.

With numerous items of news being delivered across the web on the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic to the economy and businesses particularly in the travel and airline industries, as well as the offline business activities, one the major aspect of it being fully-fledged is to digitalise the nature of the operation. Simultaneously, how can that be done? Let’s explore this issue together.

Digital Is An Added Bonus

“The Coronavirus pandemic is a great chance for companies to wake up and speed up with the support of future technologies, not HIBERNATE.,” said Yamamoto.

When we reflect upon such statements of change, one key concept of it is to look at things on the bright side. As one of the founding members of the Infinity Blockchain Labs, which was established about 5 years ago, Yamamoto attests that observations of the many waves of Blockchain through its ups and downs throughout the crisis is the sustainable growth and recovery in the grander scheme of things.

Information Technology Is Going Beyond 

Looking back at the years of where technologies were still at its infancy, everything was done traditionally. Despite all of that, the wave of change being made on the concept of applying Information Technology (IT) has increased the demand for business developments and solutions of many problems in any entity. Yamamoto further stated that it is a “golden chance” for IT solution companies like IBLT to utilise the impact of the system; as for the rest of the companies to get into the game of change.

Digitalisation is a test to see how far one can go beyond the offline norms and channels which are predominantly limited and have to seek for better solutions to support the nature of business. Vietnam as one of the leading countries that has successfully maintained and fought against the deadly virus shows us all that nothing lasts forever, unless we are willing to withstand the trials and tribulations whilst making changes when it has to happen. The IBLT team has been receiving an array of IT support and developments from its prestigious partners and clients across the countries to spur their digital channels and IT applications. With that, one can conclude that the norm of life in the corporate to non-corporate realms; are all about diving into global evolution together to go above and beyond from 2020 to the future.

IBLT have been assisting various entities with a fixed-scope project(s) or Offshore Development Center (ODC) service, if you are keen to speed up the development process of your businesses and digital transformation, reach out to IBLT team by emailing [email protected] with the headline  “[From ABR]: Your company’s name + Topic” for the best support.

About Junya Yamamoto

Co-Founder, Infinity Blockchain Group / CEO, Infinity Blockchain Labs Taiwan

With years of experience in business and passion for disruptive technologies, Yamamoto co-founded IBL Vietnam in 2015, with the vision to bring blockchain into practical applications, by leveraging tremendously-available developer resources from Vietnam. Infinity Blockchain Labs has become the pioneer blockchain company in Vietnam and grown into the largest blockchain team with more than 250 people in three years. IBL has contributed a lot for the awareness-raising of blockchain in Vietnam and the region, marked by successfully organizing Vietnam Blockchain Week, the largest Asia blockchain conference in Vietnam, with over 100 speakers and 2,000 visitors.

In 2019, he moved to Taiwan and established IBL Taiwan, a new entity within the IBG, specializing in business development and consulting services with B2B blockchain solutions. He is also the CEO of Binarystar, the largest blockchain incubation center in Japan with various acceleration activities for blockchain companies to penetrate the Japan market and enterprise segments with many local support.

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