What the World’s Top Universities are Doing about Blockchain

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October 19, 2020

In recent years, many of the top leading universities have been increasingly recognizing the growing interest and demand for knowledge-based skills in the technology sector, particularly blockchain. At the beginning of the year, LinkedIn released an article naming blockchain as the number one most in-demand hard skill that will be sought after by companies in 2020.

Large and prestigious institutions of higher education are staying ahead of the curve by offering a range of blockchain-related courses, and thus giving their students a leg up in what has already quickly become a booming field. According to a recent blog post from a leading cryptocurrency exchange, “56 percent of the world’s top 50 universities now offer at least one course on crypto or blockchain – up from 42 percent in 2018.”

Cornell University, a leader in blockchain education, is offering an online certification course that lays out the fundamental steps of blockchain technology and how it can be applied for use in a diverse range of business settings.

Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley, a top ten US business school, is also keeping up with the changing technological landscape with its recent academic offering intended for a more advanced audience. The course is designed to “enable students to utilize a framework for evaluating the use of blockchain in different use cases, ideate on and propose new strategic use-cases for smart contract-based applications, and to make valuable connections with relevant industry professionals.”

Finally, Stanford University provides an online course designed to attract enrollment from a wide range of potential students, business professionals, and investors. This course focuses on the nuts and bolts of blockchain technology and the present & future legal and financial issues surrounding blockchain and crypto-based financial products.

How EMURGO Meets This Demand for Career Professionals & Graduates

As an alternative to course offerings from academic institutions, EMURGO offers online courses in blockchain technology that are open to all and benefits from having been developed by professional experts who are directly involved in many leading cutting edge blockchain innovations. As a founding entity of the globally recognized Cardano protocol and a leader in the field, EMURGO is involved in real use cases for blockchain and is equipped to help anyone willing to learn about blockchain technology and its protocols. This is one of the advantages of learning about blockchain from an authority on the subject – not tied to a particular school – but with actual real-world experience, and who can offer up-to-date, first-hand information to educate those who enroll.

Whether you’re looking for ways to become a more valuable job candidate by having a strong understanding of blockchain, or want to discover new ways to apply blockchain technology to increase the value proposition of your existing business, EMURGO offers a comprehensive and affordable learning program to help you achieve your professional and intellectual goals. Through EMURGO’s focus on education as one of our core competencies, our goal is to foster an online/offline community through the creation and delivery of curricula for developers, where they can learn to build on top of existing blockchain infrastructure and provide a platform to connect developers with companies.


Source: EMURGO 

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