WeBank And OpenNodes : A Union Of Excellence

Anil Prabha

July 3, 2020

In this final installment of our exclusive interview with Henry Ma, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer of WeBank, we also managed to get the thoughts of Ng Yi Ming, Managing Partner of Tribe, who is part of the OpenNodes team that was responsible for the tie up with WeBank for the unveiling of the FISCO BCOS, as an ‘innovation playfield’ to technology students and academics in Singapore.

Where do you see this technology partnership heading in the future? And what are your forecasts for the APAC market amidst all this turmoil we are seeing in the global market?

Henry Ma believes that WeBank’s vision is to build open-source consortium chain platforms that serve the general public. OpenNodes understands and shares similar vision. It has successfully attracted many leading brands on its hyperconnected blockchain ecosystem platform. OpenNodes has played a significant role in enabling innovations across academics, government agencies, and various industries.

In the short term, we would like to quickly reach out to our audience – developers, university students, financial institutions, technology companies, government agencies, and NGOs – or anyone who wants to make contributions as we do to the ecosystem that will shape the future.

To foster the next generation of talents is something we would like to invest in the longer run. We already have some ideas in mind about a slew of workshops, mentorship programs, and hackathons for market education and talent cultivation. Inputs from our partners, OpenNodes as a good example, will be vital to realize these goals.

APAC is a region where the pace of adoption of cutting-edge fintech is among the fastest in the world. Within APAC, Singapore is a well-established global fintech hub and a pioneer of technology innovation. We see Singapore and other APAC countries having huge potentials to benefit from adopting consortium chain technologies like FISCO BCOS.

At WeBank, we fully embrace innovation and strongly believe in collaboration. Through the promotion of open-source technology and our open culture, we will keep exploring potential partnership opportunities with different industries, academia and other organizations in APAC countries.

Ng Yi Ming, Managing Partner of Tribe, also shares his thoughts with us. We asked him that when it comes to academia and industries working hand in hand to figure out solutions, how does this partnership in this regard help WeBank and OpenNodes?

Collaboration is a crucial driver for any change. It fastens its pace and helps conquer new frontiers. At OpenNodes, as a neutral entity driving blockchain ecosystem growth, we focus on different areas that might be acting barriers for the blockchain technology to progress – collaboration, knowledge and talent being the key ones.

Having a digital banking trailblazer like WeBank join our OpenNodes ecosystem opens new doors for our partners, and most importantly the student ecosystem, since FISCO BCOS offers them an exciting opportunity to create and turn their ideas into reality using blockchain. Fueling the brightest young minds with knowledge, skills, and opportunities will help shape the next technological frontier for industries including financial services.

OpenNodes is an ecosystem platform that connects companies to blockchain solutions providers and serves educational content to enterprise leaders and policymakers. Government agencies and major technology companies like IMDA, Enterprise Singapore, SGInnovate, Temasek, IBM, Intel, Consensys, Ethereum, EY, PWC and BMW, are key stakeholders in the blockchain industry and a part of OpenNodes.

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