Top 2 Blockchain Events to not Miss out in 2020

Asia Blockchain Review
February 20, 2020

Major happenings in the world of distributed ledger technology; digital currencies; artificial intelligence; and more are currently on-going. Numerous investors, speakers, entrepreneurs and companies are getting the hold of it by attending events across the continent to discuss the global change. Let us now explore the scheduled events for the first quarter of 2020.

Turkey: Blockchain Economy Summit 2020

Turkey is a country with the highest number of crypto users. With it being known as one of the prominent contributors and key players, the event will primarily concentrate on intense networking opportunities and the future of financial technology with participants from more than 60 countries worldwide. Notable speakers include John McAfee, a world-renowned crypto entrepreneur, the co-founder of Nicolas Cary and the Head of Operations at OKEx, Andy Cheung. The event will be held in Turkey from 20th-21st March 2020.

San Francisco: Bitcoin 2020 Conference

Happening for 2 days from the 27th till 28th of March 2020, the event will be focusing on leading the cryptocurrency to its full potential in the industry. There will be speakers of various companies with education and fun-filled experience for all.

In fact, some of the notable speakers include the CEO of Blockstream, Adam Back, Nick Szabo; a cryptographer and a computer scientist as well as Host of Untold Stories, Charlie Shrem. 

With the relentless pace of Blockchain-related advancements, a lot of the events have one thing in common, which is to improve the whole industry specifically in the overall understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrency. We shall look forward to what the new year brings for all of us within the landscape of advanced technology; Blockchain.


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