TomoChain Joins Ethereum, Tron and EOS on Leading Dapp Review Platforms

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May 14, 2019

The first round of the TomoChain Gaming Dappathon has come to a close. Sources confirm that they have received nearly 100 registrations of interest and over 8 game submissions in the first round of TomoChain’s international Dappathon.

TomoChain is a big advocate for promoting blockchain technology and its adoption, and has put forward 20,000 USD in cash and TOMO as an incentive for developers to build decentralised apps and games on blockchain.

Even though the TomoChain blockchain is relatively young compared to some others, they take their technology seriously, and it shows. With a global network of 150 masternodes and the market cap of 33 million (today’s price), their mainnet has been operating smoothly since launching in December last year.

TomoChain is very product driven and has been focused on building a more efficient blockchain platform and ecosystem. They are now newly listed and featured on two leading dapp listing platforms: and, alongside popular blockchain platforms like Ethereum, EOS and Tron.

This speaks volumes about TomoChain’s progress.

Let’s take a look at some of the more popular dapps and games on TomoChain listed on


TomoChain on


Currently, the most popular applications on Tomochain are a mix of financial dapps and dice games. It is reasonable to expect the quality and quantity of dapps will grow over time.

MaxBet currently appears to be the most popular dice game on TomoChain — with a volume of over 100k TOMO in the last 24 hours. MaxBet is by an indie developer named PigFarm. An interesting point about this game is that TOMO holders can be both the house by staking TOMO, or play traditionally as a player.

Check out MaxBet here.

TomoMaster is not a game, but with currently the most volume at nearly 200k TOMO (106k USD) in the last 24 hours on TomoChain— it is the official governance Dapp for TomoChain. TOMO holders can apply here to be a masternode candidate (with a desposit of 50k TOMO), or to vote for candidates by using TomoWallet, Metamask, and TrustWallet.

You can visit TomoMaster here.

Tomo3D. Something a little different compared to other dice games. Users can purchase T3D tokens with TOMO — and earn passive income depending on the number of people selling and buying T3D token on the exchange. The concept is interesting, but also considered high risk.

You can check out their website at

Note: It’s important to recognize that some of the dapps above that feature betting or passive income come with risks; please enjoy responsibly and exercise discretion.

With a blockchain that is only a little over 5 months old, it is great to see recognition from major Dapp platform partners such as and We are excited to see TomoChain’s ecosystem of Dapps and games blooming and showing healthy signs of consistent and stable growth.

Have you checked out TomoChain’s dappathon? Are you a developer or an interested party that may have missed out on the first round? The good news is that the second round of submissions is already open — be sure to register your interest at

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