The Oracle Journey In Malaysia So Far

Anil Prabha

June 16, 2020

As the global marketplace is battered by the COVID-19 pandemic, amidst the US-China trade wars and supply chain disruptions; the backdrop to most corporate stories these days is marked by great uncertainty and fluidity. We recently sat down with the Managing Director of Oracle Malaysia, Fitri Abdullah, to get his thoughts on the journey ahead. This is the fifth and final part of the interview series.

Interestingly, Oracle Malaysia has always had a very strong diversity agenda with about 45% of its non-managerial employees and 40% of its management staff being female. Could you explain how this impacts innovation and performance levels?

“Research has proven that companies with a strong diversity agenda in terms of gender, nationality, ethnicities, cultures, become higher-performing,” Fitri stated. “As time transforms how people work together, Oracle has always been a company that houses a culture of diversity – from having five generations of employees under the same roof to ensuring that more than a third of the board members at Oracle are women including our CEO Safra Catz,” he went on to say. Oracle also has the Oracle Women’s Network (OWL), which not only builds awareness around the experiences of women in the organization, but also acts as a constructive partner in finding ways to address gaps.

The Value Of Diversity At Oracle

“When an organisation sees values in respecting diversity, the receptive environment enables individuals to be more open and share their experiences directly with line managers…this allows us to better understand the needs of our employees and provide them the confidence support they need to work,” he noted. Oracle is addressing diversity in the way it delivers innovation in technology, creating an organization with the culture to engender pockets of good practice, building trust, and sharing ideas.

Based on your extensive experience in the marketplace, could you perhaps share some key learnings, insights and recommendations about the niche that Oracle Malaysia plays in? 

“What differentiates Oracle is that we have the most complete suite of front office and back office, applications all written specifically for the cloud, which we continue to invest in very heavily,” he explained. Fitri also stated Oracle has an infrastructure technology cloud, an underlying platform that allows them to innovate faster than competitors, building new products and adding new features to the industry’s largest suite of existing ones, at a breakneck pace. “This gives us the most modern technology platform across all layers from the back office, HCM and ERP, and the most secure cloud, the highest performing cloud, and, cost-effective cloud,” he noted.

Another Use Case

“As a result, we have a wide range of customers leveraging its benefits…an example is Johor Port (JPB), an integrated multi-purpose port facility offering a comprehensive range of seaport services for Container, Conventional Cargo Operations and Marine Services,” he added. They are one of the customers using Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse. To ensure consistent improvement in operational efficiency, the organization decided to move from manual processes to gathering real-time data insights. These autonomous capabilities are reshaping customers’ approach to IT, allowing them to free their budgets and resources, and reduce risks while focusing on business growth and innovation. “The business benefits of the Autonomous Database are so obvious – immediate software patching and the ability to redirect labor to more value-added activities – that Oracle is able to sell the Autonomous Database into the C-suite, and not just IT,” he concluded.

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