The Future of Smart Economies: Ahoy Blockchain!

Asia Blockchain Review
March 11, 2020

Infinity Blockchain Ventures and Infinito came together to bring the “Blockchain Education For The Future Of Smart Economies” event that showcased the major movers and shakers in the Malaysian blockchain space.

It was definitely an event like no other. Participants were first given an overview of the Malaysian marketplace and just how blockchain plays a role in the overall ecosystem in the country. The first session had presentations from Infinito and Tezos Southeast Asia and both companies showcased their prowess in their respective fields. Infinito’s wallet and blockchain platform are doing tremendously well. With over 2000 blockchain assets and over 500,000 users globally, the wallet solution from Infinito is gaining traction positively. The blockchain platform from Infinito has a wide array of leading global partners across Southeast Asia and its DApps and modules are constantly at the leading edge in terms of design too.

A Broad Overview

The student community at the event was given a broad overview of traditional blockchain benefits, understanding blockchain through its values and the future of blockchain from a ‘big picture’ perspective. In the case of Tezos Southeast Asia, their solutions are designed for financial contracts and they are primed for Industry 4.0, be it in the government sector, in the security tokens arena or even in purely commercial pursuits. Their Tezos Certified Developer (TCD) curriculum was also presented to the students at the event, and it’s all about creating an ecosystem where blockchain can thrive in the real world.

The DeFi Revolution

Decentralized Finance (DeFi), is what everyone is talking about these days. With a market capitalization of at least USD$253 billion as of March 2020 and about a total of at least USD$ 1 billion locked in, there is of course a lot that needs to happen to grow from USD$ 1 billion to USD$ 1 trillion. Bitcoin Malaysia was on hand to make sense of it all. For the uninitiated, Bitcoin Malaysia organizes monthly meetups to correct market perceptions, equip people with the right tools and mindsets and explore a variety of topics. From trading and investments, developer training, jobs and income opportunities, technical discussions as well as business and regulations, the participants were at the event and got a bird’s eye view of what it’s all about. Interestingly, they host global hackathons and Algorand ambassador rewards programs too. Blocklime was also on hand to delve deeper into future careers in the decentralized economy as well. It has become very apparent that blockchain developers are really in demand and it’s also extremely lucrative.

So What Does The Future Hold?

The panel session at the event was moderated by Harith Kamarul from ETHKL, and the members interviewed were Jason Chew from Bitcoin Malaysia, Harpreet Singh Maan of Blocklime, and Jazilah Mohsin from Infinity Blockchain Ventures. The consensus was that in terms of blockchain solutions use cases in the education sphere, everyone agreed that certification authentication was a good use case in preventing fake credentials and creating value to universities. Of course, more importantly, the panel believes that it is more crucial to have blockchain tech awareness within the student syllabus to bridge the gap when they enter the working world. Students need to understand pain points in order to figure out worthwhile blockchain solutions. So, a thorough understanding of the basics is crucial in this regard. The onus is also on universities to offer up-to-date curriculums in the ever-evolving field of blockchain-related technologies. One solid suggestion by the panelists was to have pocket courses to prepare students for every eventuality.

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