Thai Govt Agency Adopts Blockchain for Public Administration

Asia Blockchain Review
June 25, 2019

Thailand’s Digital Government Development Agency (DGA) has revealed at a recent blockchain conference held in Bangkok that several agencies in the public sector are studying use cases for blockchain in order to implement the technology in areas like data management and traceability.

Growing Use of Blockchain in Governments Worldwide

Dr. Montha Chayakornvikrom of the Innovation Department at the DGA said that government agencies are keen to adopt decentralized ledger technology, saying it could enhance transparency, eliminate duplication of work, and allow different organizations to share information.

“Today, blockchain technology is no longer limited to the banking sector. The public sector is also keen to explore the use of blockchain and is looking forward to adopting blockchain for government administration,” said Dr. Montha. “Worldwide, governments in over 30 countries have already started using blockchain.”

She explained that there are three major use cases for blockchain technology in the public sector. The first is data management and data exchange, with China using blockchain for digital forensics to prevent data forgery in court cases.

The second use case is identity management, with the United Nations having used a blockchain solution to keep better track of migrant populations.

The final use case, according to Dr. Montha, is traceability and food safety. For example, India has already adopted blockchain to track pharmaceuticals through the supply chain, from manufacturing to end consumer, as a way to combat counterfeit drugs.

Blockchain to Unlock Digital Government Aspirations in Thailand

Dr. Montha added that, in the last two years, the Thai Government has been proactively carrying out proofs of concept (PoCs) and research towards blockchain use.

Moreover, the DGA has been developing an e-refer service that will allow different agencies to exchange patient records to enable better public healthcare services.

Dr. Montha had been speaking at the third “Blockchain the Series @BOT” conference held in Bangkok by the Bank of Thailand towards the end of last month.

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