Thai Crypto Startup Founder Explores Blockchain at Cannabis Conference

Asia Blockchain Review
June 15, 2019

Leaders in Thailand’s blockchain and crypto community have gathered to explore the potential of blockchain in the cannabis industry at the Greenovation Cannabis Conference recently held in Bangkok on June 3rd, 2019.

Blockchain and Cannabis: Potential for Emerging Weed Industry

Following Thailand’s recent move to legalize cannabis for medical and research purposes, the Greenovation Institute organized an event to provide a platform for discussion about various aspects of cannabis, including a talk on the topic, “Blockchain Technology in Cannabis Industry.”

Founder of the Greenovation Institute, Pondet Ananchai, who is also the founder and CEO of CryptovationX, a robo-advisory platform for digital asset management, said, “This is an important opportunity for Thailand to discuss the possibilities of the cannabis industry in all dimensions, including those in the fintech industry.”

Crypto Investments in the Thai Cannabis Market

According to Siam Blockchain, investors in the crypto market are eyeing opportunities to benefit from the new cannabis regulations. Pondet drew parallels between the emerging technology and the emerging industry of legalized medical marijuana.

Crypto investors are those with the vision and the readiness to learn and invest in new innovations. I believe that for the cannabis industry in Thailand, there will be new issues waiting to be tackled just like the crypto industry in its beginning. If crypto investors enter the cannabis industry with an open mind, they will have an opportunity to profit just like the early investors in the crypto market,” the Greenovation Institute founder said.

Pondet’s startup, CryptovationX, was founded in 2018. The company offered services as a robo-trader of cryptocurrency that uses artificial intelligence to assist investors. The company also held an initial coin offering (ICO) in February 2018.

Source: https://siamblockchain.com

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