Thai Blockchain Outlets Warn of Ponzi Schemes, Imposter Accounts

Asia Blockchain Review
August 8, 2019

On July 29th, 2019, Thailand’s popular crypto news outlets Siam Blockchain and Bitcoin Addict Thailand posted an announcement on their Facebook pages to warn the public about an ongoing scam, according to a report by tech news outlet Beartai.

Copies of both outlets’ Facebook pages were allegedly created by foreign con artists intent on scamming crypto users in Thailand

Scammers Target Crypto Media Followers in Thailand

Suspicious Facebook pages lifted the profile picture and names used by the two agencies’ pages to post announcements inviting crypto users to deposit Bitcoin (BTC) into a digital wallet address, promising instant profits of up to 100 BTC. 

The announcements were reportedly found on crypto forums and communities based in different countries around the world. The scammers have also created fake Facebook accounts to leave comments substantiating their bogus claims. 

Crypto Users Warned to Remain Vigilant of Suspicious Offers

Despite the unconvincing comments written in machine-translated Thai, official crypto news outlets are nonetheless taking precautions and raising awareness of the fraud in order to prevent unwanted damage. Readers are told to never give out their digital wallet private key or transfer their cryptocurrency to profiles with too-good-to-be-true offers. 

Earlier this year, 30 victims in Thailand filed a police report over the alleged investment scam, “CryptoMining.Farm,” which reportedly duped 150 individuals out of 42 million baht (US$1.34 million).


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