TECHNOMART: Adding Value through Blockchain

November 2, 2018

On October 24th, Infinity Blockchain Ventures (IBV) partnered up with Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT) to present “TECHNOMART: Adding Value through Blockchain” in Selangor, Malaysia. The event attracted many blockchain enthusiasts who were interested in exploring blockchain potential in Malaysia. The presentations were led by prominent leaders in both international and local communities, including the University of Malaya, the Faculty of Law, ACCESS Malaysia, IBL Group, Blocklime, and VTOS. The event tapped into blockchain application through diverse angles such as RegTech research, agriculture, telematics, random number generation and talent development.

Mr. Mohd Nasir Md Ibrahim, Vice President of Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT), delivers the opening remark

Kicking off the night, Mr. Charlie Bussat, Marketing Co-Leader of Infinito, shared some insights about his project – the ultimate ecosystem for blockchain mass adoption. As such, the mission of Infinito is to create an integrated blockchain infrastructure for dApps, blockchain services, and token holders in its ecosystem, which powers safe and efficient utilization of blockchain technology. With the Infinito ecosystem, both businesses and consumers are enabled to seamlessly adopt blockchain and profit. Also, Infinito can help blockchain startup or leading enterprise effectively build and promote innovations to the crypto community.

Mr. Charlie Bussat, Marketing Co-Leader of Infinito, sharing about ”The Ultimate Ecosystem For Blockchain Mass Adoption”

Mr. Harry Pham, Project Director, GINAR, was the next speaker who hosted a session namely “Trust Smarter with Decentralized RNGs” focusing on applying blockchain technology to random number generation. With GINAR, random digits will be fairly and transparently generated at an impressive speed and volume for businesses who want to leverage tamper-resistant and verifiable numbers. According to Mr. Harry, the GINAR Service, for all its merits, is a bridge between clients requesting random numbers and decentralized networks which is in charge of generating it.

Mr. Harry Pham, Project Director of GINAR, hosting “Trust Smarter with Decentralized RNGs” session

Moving to the third speaker, Mr. Steve Nguyen, Project Director of Fruitchain, shared about “Traceability for Agriculture”. According to the representative from Fruitchain, there are many hurdles to overcome in the Vietnamese agricultural sector including low global competitive advantage and counterfeit competition. As such, Fruitchain project has come about to tackle issues such as lack of data transparency, unable to spot fake stamps and threats of data tampering attacks. The project has brought a revolutionary solution for the traceability of agricultural products using a blockchain-based platform.

Mr. Steve Nguyen, Project Director of Fruitchain, shared about “Traceability for Agriculture”

The fourth session was hosted by Mr. Wong Phooi Hong, Co-Founder & CEO of Vehicle Telematics Online Services Sdn Bhd (VTOS), namely “Insurance Telematics & Blockchain”. As such, Mr. Wong shared about the Malaysia Driving Nature Applied Risk Profile (MYDNA®) Hybrid Blockchain Technology. The technology will reflect and evaluate driver behaviour and response towards vehicles, adherence to speeds, lanes and other offences. Later on, these information will be stored in cloud based blockchain big data, which will be passed to parties in insurance industry. By accessing into the trusted and transparent data and evidence pertaining to accident forensics, firms can manage the insurance and claims efficiently.

Mr. Wong Phooi Hong, Co-Founder & CEO of VTOS, shared about “Insurance Telematics & Blockchain”

Ms. Nur Husna Zakaria, Lecturer & Researcher, University of Malaya (Faculty of Law), was the next speaker who hosted a session about RegTech Cube – the industry-academia collaboration among IBV, QRC Group and University Malaya (UM) on RegTech research. As such, the major initiatives of RegTech Cube comprise of distributing outreach programs and blockchain multidisciplinary, blockchain research and academic alliance.

Ms. Nur Husna Zakaria, Lecturer & Researcher, University of Malaya (Faculty of Law), sharing about the RegTech Cube project

Besides keynotes on blockchain potential in various angles, the event also houses an exciting panel on talent development in Malaysia. Featuring representatives from Infinity Blockchain Ventures, Blocklime, ACCESS Malaysia, University of Malaya and Infinito, the panel tapped into the talented landscape in Malaysia, especially of its blockchain talents. According to Mr. Harpreet Singh Maan, Co-Founder & CEO of Blocklime, Malaysia is facing tech-talent shortages, not just for developer roles but across all spheres, such as business developers to sell and present the technology.

Echoing Mr. Harpreet Singh Maan’s perspective, Ms. Nur Husna Zakaria also stated that one of the key reasons for this situation lies in awareness. Since blockchain is a nascent technology, it is difficult for people to adopt it because they are not aware and understand what blockchain is about.

“Talent Development in Malaysia” panel

To sum up, ABR would like to give special thanks to all attendants, our co-organizer MIGHT, our exhibitors and our speakers from University of Malaya (Faculty of Law), Infinito Wallet, GINAR, Fruitchain, VTOS, ACCESS Malaysia – Association for Cryptocurrency & Blockchain, Blocklime and LuxTag for collaborating with us. Please stay tuned for our next event lineup as we at Asia Blockchain Review aim to facilitate a community and media platform to support Asia-facing blockchain businesses.



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