Tbay Ghana VIP Night Event Unveils its Exclusive Security Features and Company’s Development Plan for 20...

March 8, 2024

ACCRA, Ghana, March 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Tbay, the world’s leading online gift card trading platform, hosted its second VIP event in Africa on March 3rd. The event took place at Airport View Hotel in Accra, the capital of Ghana. The atmosphere was lively, and the venue was filled to capacity. Tbay stated that the event was a special reward for its VIP users, in appreciation of their support and companionship in Tbay’s growth, which gradually makes Tbay No.1 global gift card trading platform.

Tbay Ghana VIP Night Event Unveils its Exclusive Security Features and Company’s Development Plan for 2024
Tbay Ghana VIP Night Event Unveils its Exclusive Security Features and Company’s Development Plan for 2024

As a leading global platform headquartered in Singapore, Tbay currently has over 700,000 registered users, with over 180,000 monthly active users and over 400,000 monthly transaction volume. The Tbay app has been downloaded for over 1 million times on the Google Play Store and has received a rating of 4.8 from over 11,500 users, making Tbay one of the largest global gift card trading platforms.

Continuous Security Upgrades by Tbay

Lizlove Koomson, a journalist from Ghana Broadcasting Corporation and a special guest at the event, shared that Tbay’s success as the global leader in gift card trading platforms is mainly attributed to its commitment to providing users with a secure, professional, and efficient trading platform, continuously improving service quality and user experience through product feature upgrades.

The security of gift card transactions is a focal point of concern for the entire industry and a pain point for users. Upholding the principle of prioritizing security, Tbay has put forward the brand slogan “You are in safe hands,” deeply understanding user needs and ensuring a secure and reliable transaction link between gift card vendors and users through 2FA (Two Factor Authentication)  and strict supervision of vendors.

Tbay’s 2FA, including double password protection for account login and withdrawal, combined with user phone number and email verification to ensure the security of user accounts. In the near future, Tbay plans to develop biometric authentication, such as fingerprint or facial recognition, as well as location authentication feature, which will confirm users’ location or device through geographic data, IP address matching, or GPS coordinates so as to verify if the user is accessing the Tbay wallet from an approved location or device. These extra 2 authentications will upgrade Tbay to four-factor authentication (4FA), the highest security standard certification method in the industry.

Regarding the admission requirements and regulatory system for gift card vendors, firstly, any gift card vendor who wants to join Tbay must have over three years of work experience, a good credit record, and no criminal record. Additionally, vendors must prove their company’s number of employees, registered capital, and annual income to ensure compliance with Tbay’s requirements.

Secondly, gift card vendors need to pay a security deposit to the platform, which is used to compensate for fraudulent behavior and disputes during transactions. Vendors must also sign an exclusive cooperation agreement with Tbay, with any violations resulting in punitive fines.

Finally, vendors must have a fixed workplace, and Tbay conducts 360° real-time surveillance to ensure traceability of every transaction.

Vision for advancing Africa’s Development and Business Landscape Expansion

Tbay has launched Quick Sell Mode recently. Although the majority of transactions on the platform are now being completed within 90 seconds, Quick Sell mode has further reduced the transaction time for at least 50% for specific gift card types. In the near future, this feature will be applied to all types of gift cards, continuing to ensure a swift trading experience for users.

In addition to striving for a secure and convenient trading experience, Tbay also endeavors to provide more business opportunities for customers and partners, offering Africans the chance to earn extra income through the online gift card trading platform.

As a technology-driven company, Tbay is committed to leveraging the power of internet technology and the digital economy to drive Africa’s development. It is believed that the application of internet technology can create more business opportunities for Africa, provide a broader market for entrepreneurs and traders, meet the growing development needs of African people, and open up new prospects for the continuous growth of the African economy.

In 2024, Tbay will further expand its business, adopting more currencies from different countries as payment and withdrawal methods to meet the needs of users from various countries, and gradually expanding its business scope globally. At the same time, Tbay plans to hold more global business events and actively participate in global professional seminars to strengthen cooperation and communication within and outside the industry. Tbay states that it will continue to upgrade its platform, expand its business territory, further consolidate its leading position in African and global markets, and make greater contributions to driving Africa’s economy.

In addition to economic contributions, Tbay has always been concerned about the development of African society and is enthusiastic about public welfare in Africa. Since the launch of the “Donating 1,000 Schools” project in April 2020, Tbay’s charity events have covered 10 African countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, and South Africa, helping over 100 schools and more than 30,000 teachers and students. As Tbay’s platform business continues to develop and grow, its contribution to African society through public welfare initiatives will become increasingly significant, fostering a symbiotic relationship between Tbay and the continent’s society and the economy.


The Ghana VIP event ended successfully with singing and dancing. In the future, Tbay will continue to use technology as the engine to drive Africa’s development through innovation in internet and digital economy, promote the exchange and cooperation of global technology development, actively expand international markets with partners to achieve a win-win situation. In the meanwhile, Tbay will continue to fulfill its social responsibilities, dedicate itself to African charity events, inject new vitality into African education, and open a new door of hope for the future of Africa.

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