Taiwanese Artists Use Blockchain to Provide Proof of Origin

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August 3, 2019

The art piece, Sailing with the Wind, by Hualien artists Chen Shu Yen and Tuwak Tuyaw has become the first Taiwanese indigenous artwork with a certificate of ownership stored via distributed ledger technology (DLT), according to an article shared via Reddit.

Blockchain-Based Certificate of Ownership 

Chen and Tuyaw uploaded the pictures taken during the process of making Sailing with the Wind to a blockchain platform using the IDGO intellectual property validation and authorization service. IDGO compresses the information into data to create a unique token. The token can be transferred to the future buyer of the art piece as proof of purchase and ownership.

According to IDGO Product Manager Victory Liu, the idea of tokenizing intellectual property such as artwork is very helpful for creators. 

“The certification process is a cost-effective permanent record of authenticity that can be used for proof of origin. Furthermore, the unique electronic token can be used to track the transfer of ownership or intellectual property rights; we are sure that buyers and collectors also value that,” Liu said.

Sailing with the Wind on Display at BioAsiaTaiwan 2019

Commissioned by the Taiwan Research-based Biopharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (TRPMA) to represent the country’s ambitions in the global biomedical industry, Sailing with the Wind is an art piece made entirely of indigenous natural materials and traditional fishing traps called “Yungu,” made of bamboo and rattan. According to Carol Cheng, COO of TRPMA, it evokes merchant boats sailing among islands, as a “metaphor for the communication between live cells, or interaction and collaboration between Taiwan and other countries.” 

Sailing with the Wind went on display on July 25th at the TRPMA exhibition for BioAsiaTaiwan 2019 held at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center.

Source: https://www.reddit.com 

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