Stepping up globalization, Fintopia is making a full effort

May 23, 2024

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Nowadays, there is no doubt that the internationalization strategy of financial technology enterprises has gradually become a key step in expanding their markets and enhancing competitiveness. Available evidence shows that more and more top financial technology enterprises in particular are rapidly expanding their footprint in product, brand, supply and technology, which can be seen as continuously in expanding their overseas business and stepping up globalization.

Taking Fintopia as an example, since its establishment in 2015, the company keeps focus on financial technology services , the business area has spread across mainland China, Southeast Asia, Latin America, Africa, etc.. These days, Fintopia continues to devote for  its global business development.

In recent days, Jia Xudong, a partner of Fintopia, pointed out at the Alibaba Cloud International Outbound Summit with the theme “Orange Cloud Going Global, New Journey of Financial Technology” hosted by Alibaba Cloud, “As a global digital technology company based on big data and artificial intelligence, after years of development, Fintopia serves over 100 million users across the world and has established cooperation  with more than 90 financial institutions. The monthly transaction value has reached over billions of RMB.”

Stepping up globalization, Fintopia is making a full effort
Stepping up globalization, Fintopia is making a full effort

It is obviously that all these achievements behind is the results that Fintopia has always been committed to digital technology innovation and perseverance. Fintopia always believes that technology and intelligence will promote the environment of inclusive finance, to bring a more equal, convenient, safe and sustainable financial services. Based on this vision, the company will establish more adaptive brands according to different national conditions, to provide personalized products through the internet, big data, artificial intelligence and other means, and to build a professional and serialized financial technology service brand.

However, innovation also comes with challenges and risks.

Among them, data privacy compliance is a key and essential issue. As for this issue, Jia Xudong, a partner of Fintopia, pointed out that it needs to implement from “Three Dimensionality ,” including the team, local policies, and technological innovation. For example, on the team aspect, for the purpose of satisfying user’s financial demand, it shall continuously improve the overall capabilities of the team to make more accurate user evaluations with minimum  user information; on the policy aspect, the enterprise shall replicate higher standards of experience practiced in different countries in other countries during the practical process, striving to stay ahead of regulation; on the technological aspect, there is no capon the investment in technology, it shall develop a series of supporting systems based on business needs, for example,the Fintopia’s self-developed user data collection, storage, computation, mining and related systems, as well as the whole set of data hub centre.

All of these measures needs to be built on the company’s strong operational and technological capabilities, which is also the direction that Fintopia has been committed to exploring since its establishment. For example, to satisfy the increasing financial demand better and help financial institutions transforming quickly and smoothly, Fintopia has already developed a serious of solutions which covering the entire credit chain, such as intelligent risk control system, intelligent CRM platform, intelligent robot, etc.. These solutions have been procured by many large institutions .

Along the way, with the sight of a continuous technology-based innovation, it is believed that the those financial technology enterprises like Fintopia will lead and create a various and diverse pathway of financial technology towards the future.

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