South Korea’s KT Develops Blockchain Halal Certification

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October 18, 2019

Major South Korean telecom player KT revealed that it has entered into an agreement with the Korea Muslim Foundation and blockchain developer B-Square to establish a “Halal Certification Trust” platform that is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2019. 

Implementing Blockchain for Halal Certification

According to Aju Business Daily, the halal certification platform will allow food producers to follow simple steps on their own devices to enter the halal certification and authentication process.

Traditionally, halal certificates are printed on paper documents, which are susceptible to forgery. By initiating this process, KT stated that the blockchain-powered platform will ensure the authenticity of halal certification and address other security issues.

Halal certification is important to Muslims around the world, who must consume halal-certified products in keeping with the Islamic faith. To this end, Korean food producers such as instant noodle brand Samyang have applied for halal certification, enabling them to export products to countries in Southeast Asia with Muslim populations.

Growing Popularity of Korean Food Products

In 2018, South Korean’s “Daebak” instant noodles made a big splash among Malaysian consumers, with the halal-certified product achieving sales of two million packs in its debut month alone.

The noodles, manufactured by Shinsegae Food, are famous for its spicy flavors and are immensely popular among young adults in Malaysia.

Similarly, halal-certified spicy chicken-flavored instant noodles manufactured by Samyang also rose to prominence in Indonesia, after video clips of consumers braving the spicy noodles went viral on social media.


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