Sony’s Car may Reflect Future of Machine-to-Machine Crypto Payments

Asia Blockchain Review
January 25, 2020

Japan’s electronic and software giant Sony revealed its first concept car at CES 2020 in Las Vegas earlier this month. Called the Vision S, this connected electric sedan is outfitted with technologies that may point to a future of crypto payments conducted by robots.

Crypto as a Medium of Value Transfer

The Vision S Prototype is among the many examples of how robots could potentially be used, with many envisioning a cryptocurrency and blockchain future in which robots/computers begin paying other robots/computers.

Cars are computers for tech giants like Sony, Apple and Intel as well as mobility startups. Sony’s first ever car will likely communicate wirelessly with other electronic vehicles to perform automated tasks such as negotiating traffic.

Coindesk’s article on the Vision S proposes that cars like these will be able to pay each other in the future, stating: 

“Your wallet will take a hit if you want to get somewhere faster  —  your car will pay another car to get ahead of them  —  and you’ll spend or even earn if you can spare a few more minutes on the road. Roads themselves will request tolls for maintenance and, as we sit in relative comfort, we’ll be making requests for applications, educational materials and entertainment.”

Future and Evolution of Mobility

“This prototype embodies our contribution to the future of mobility and contains a variety of Sony’s technologies,” Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida said. “We believe that the evolution of mobility will also redefine cars as a new entertainment space.”

Although not much has been revealed about the vehicle’s performance, Sony said the car has “all-encapsulating sensing technology” including 33 sensors, self-parking and automated lance changes.


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