Singaporean Hospitals Use Blockchain to Transform Medical Data Access and Management

Asia Blockchain Review
June 22, 2019

MediLOT Technologies Pte Ltd, a spinoff of the National University of Singapore (NUS), is utilizing its own upgraded version of Hyperledger (known as Hyperledger++) and a dual-chain system to revolutionize the way in which medical information is accessed and managed.  

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are digital records of patients’ health information, containing their medical histories, treatment plans, allergies and other relevant health data.

Current Systems Lack Sufficient Privacy and Security

As outlined in MediLOT’s whitepaper and reported by Reuters, current EHR systems are inadequate in terms of both privacy and security. They also do not facilitate the equitable sharing of crucial health data or support advanced analytics overlays.

Dr. Marcus Tan, founder at MediLOT and Clinical Lecturer at NUS, explained that while Singapore promotes patients’ healthcare data sharing among hospitals and private clinics through the National Electronic Health Record (NEHR), the system still lacks an effective way for patients to control access and consent permissions for data use, particularly for medical research.

MediLOT to Bridge Blockchain to Hospital Networks

MediLOT plans to introduce a layered architecture incorporating machine learning, data analytics and API access for complex applications to be developed and adopted by the medical industry.

The firm has so far announced collaborative efforts with existing EHR systems in Singapore and China, and is working to bridge its customized blockchain solution and system to networks of other hospitals in Asia.

Singapore in particular overseas a vast network of clinics, hospitals, and even private medical entities using EHR in their systems, with MediLOT partner NUHS being among the largest tertiary healthcare providers in the city-state.


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