SCI Launches New Service for Enterprise Blockchain Solutions In The Philippines

November 30, 2018

Not having a blockchain strategy today is like not having an internet strategy in the 90s. Take your business to the next level with the leading experts in blockchain technology.

MAKATI, November 22, 2018

SCI Ventures, Inc. (SCI), the Philippines’ pioneering Blockchain venture builder since 2014 launches its brand new Enterprise and Blockchain Innovation division, SCI Blockchain Technologies.

The team is led by its Head of Enterprise, Peter Ing, who has worked alongside a number of Philippine-based venture-capital incubated startups largely focussed around e-commerce. Originally from the UK, Peter brings over nine years of international work experience with previous clients that include UBS, MasterCard, and FactSet. Also a partner in Acceler8 by UnionSPACE, a tech-oriented co-working space, Peter also heads up the coworking network’s Blockchain Division in the Philippines called BlockchainSPACE. BlockchainSPACE whose network spans 4 countries in South-East Asia provides a landing ground for companies and individuals to enter the Blockchain industry, connecting them to community, academe, associations and existing players in the market. The Manila chapter currently focuses on building community and hosting educational events.

“Just like the days of the early Internet, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are still uncertain about the future value of blockchain. And as this technology approaches its tenth anniversary, we are here to help our customers decipher the value it will bring to their business, in order to build long-lasting solutions that will help ready them for the future,” Peter says, emphasizing the group’s commitment to putting its clients’ interests first. “While blockchain is not a solution for everything, we promise honest guidance in helping companies determine that,” he adds.  

Peter is joined by SCI’s Chief Blockchain Architect, Marco Mejia, an early adopter of Blockchain technology and founder of, the Philippines’ first-ever Bitcoin wallet back in 2012.

Rounding out the team are Senior Blockchain Developers Jerico James Flores, a highly skilled programmer with experience in research and development, and Tristan Peralta, an Ethereum developer well-versed in ERC standards. With over ten years of development experience, the duo has built a suite of commercial grade apps and API’s for commercial banks, architected and built a real estate tokenization platform, as well as several e-commerce related platforms.

SCI, one of the first companies to receive a virtual currency license by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, has successfully been running products such as (one of the first Bitcoin brokerages in the Philippines), (a blockchain cross-border remittance service) and (a crypto mobile wallet). Approaching its fifth year in the industry, SCI is now ready to offer its expertise to other companies that wish to leverage on the benefits of blockchain technology, hence the assembling of this new team.

“We are glad to add this new division and finally share the technology that we have been working with over the last four years.” says SCI Co-founder and CEO John Bailon. “These past months businesses have been asking what can this technology do for us and our business and this team is here to answer that. We are incredibly fortunate to bring onboard seasoned professionals who I have personally known in the tech space for years and were early adopters of the Blockchain technology. I cannot think of better people to drive this,” he adds.

With the hype around cryptocurrency settling down during much of 2018, the underpinning technology has taken the spotlight in recent months, with growing interest from traditional businesses, the academe, and even the government. While prices are unpredictable, one thing is certain – blockchain technology has a bright future ahead.

To find out more about SCI Blockchain Technologies and how they can help your company, visit www

Contact info

Peter Ing

SCI Blockchain Technologies, Head of Enterprise

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