Reunion Meet-up After COVID-19 Launch For Blockathon In Vietnam

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June 22, 2020

The meet-up for the event of “Infinity Blockathon for City Transformation 2020” (July – Nov 2020) organized by IBV/ ABR will be held on 24th June in Ho Chi Minh city as a reunion for the technology and innovation community in Vietnam after the Covid-19 lockdown period. 

The event is the 2nd edition of the Blockathon as the 1st Hackathon about the Blockchain in Vietnam was organized by IBL and ABR. 

The event aims to foster and gather ideas and solutions from the tech and innovation community of developers, students & researchers, start-ups and entrepreneurs for the topic of City Transformation, with the support of the stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem including incubators, investors and corporations.

Event Information

  • Host: Infinity Blockchain Ventures & Asia Blockchain Review
  • Number of guests: 30 participants – from our strategic partners – business leaders, managing directors, government officials
  • Date: June 24th, 2020

This is a private and cozy meet-up to invite our key partners from the government, the community of technology, innovation, entrepreneur, and big corporates to reunite to together discuss on the topic “City Transformation For The New Normal” with the panel by the Panelists & Moderator from the New Zealand Trade & Enterprise, KPMG & TMA Alliance, AIA Vietnam, Institute of Smart City and Management UEH, Zone Startups. 


6:30 – 7:00 PM: Check-in & Welcome 

7:00 – 7:15 PM: Blockathon introduction & kick-off  

Cris D. Tran, CEO of Infinity Blockchain Ventures (IBV), ABR – Representative of the Event Organizer 

7:15 – 7:45 PM: Panel discussion: City Transformation for the New Normal 

– Moderator: Ms. Quynh Vo – Program Manager, Zone Startups Vietnam 

– Panelists:

  • Mr. Le Duy Duc (Mr. Steve) – Head of Business Development of New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, New Zealand government agency 
  • Mr. Phan Tan Quoc – Innovation Program Manager, KPMG 
  • Ms. Nguyen Thanh Ha (Ms. Yvonne Nguyen) – Head of Partnership Business Development, Digital Transformation, AIA Vietnam 
  • Dr. Trinh Tu Anh – Director of Institute of Smart City and Management – ISCM, UEH

7:45 PM – 8:30: Open Networking 

The panelists will discuss the importance and urgency of Digital Transformation (DX), particularly after Covid pandemic leading to various challenges with different angels from Government, Big Corporates, Innovation and Consulting firms, start-up and academia. 

Luckily, Vietnam is safe at the moment and is back to normal but in a new way called “the New Normal” with the support of technology to run business in a “new” way of digitizing the business operation. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about social distancing, preventing many offline and face-to-face communication. 

Thus, this new reality seems to raise more awareness and motivation for companies to speed up their digital transformation to optimize their businesses and also to reduce risks. 

Also, the panelists will share their experiences in terms of the challenges in their digital transformation and also how to overcome them and be well prepared for any eventuality.

About Moderator and Panelists: 

  • Mr. Le Duy Duc (Mr. Steve) – Head of Business Development of New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, New Zealand government agency

New Zealand has been ranked as one of the top digital economies in the world as digital elites characterised by high levels of digital development and a fast rate of digital evolution (in 2017). 

New Zealand’s strong digital economy is attributed to a positive combination of infrastructure, incubating start-ups, a cultural commitment to innovation, and government support.

New Zealand Trade & Enterprise is the strategic partner that will provide the advisory, mentoring and other supports for the event. Mr. Steve Duc Le, the Head of Business Development of New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, helps New Zealand companies embrace globalization in a bigger, better and faster way. He will share with the audience about best practices of digital transformation from the Government’s perspective.

  • Mr. Phan Tan Quoc – Innovation Program Manager, KPMG 

As our strategic partner, KPMG and TMA Alliance with its newly launched Innovation platform including the Idea Crowdsorucing feature, will support the event by providing the Platform for the organizer to run the challenges and manage the participant teams registration, progress, mentorship, outcomes and voting. 

Mr. Phan Tan Quoc, the Innovation Program Manager, will also join the panel to share his views on the innovation ecosystem in Vietnam particularly from the aspect of the consulting firm providing various services to big corporates.

For more information, please go to

  • Ms. Nguyen Thanh Ha (Ms. Yvonne Nguyen) – Head of Partnership Business Development, Digital Transformation, AIA Vietnam

We have the honor to invite Ms. Yvonne Nguyen from AIA Vietnam as the Head of Partnership Business Management which includes Digital, Analytics, Insights, Strategy and Engagement functions. 

In AIA Vietnam, Yvonne has been instrumental in reinventing life insurance partnership distribution through multiple breakthrough initiatives. 

Her most recent achievements include the development and deployment of insurance propensity-to-buy data model, plus the remote, non-face-to-face sales process which helped the company sail through the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Dr. Trinh Tu Anh – Director of Institute of Smart City and Management – ISCM, UEH

Institute of Smart City and Management (ISCM), University of Economics Ho Chi Minh is established to upgrade the quality of human resources and provide human resources to the research institute, companies nationally and internationally, specializing in providing strategy and innovation solutions to solve the city-related problems. 

ISCM will provide the training programs integrated with advanced Studio-Lab models, and additionally develop research closely related to real-life problems with the philosophy of “Global Mindset – Local Actions” to support to develop a better education system for a sustainably growing Vietnam.

  • Ms. Quynh Vo – Program Manager, Zone Startups Vietnam 

Ms. Quynh Vo is the Program Manager in Zone Startups Vietnam, which is a Canadian Startups accelerator. Zone Startups Vietnam is part of the Zones Startups Global network including multiple programs in Canada and India. 

Companies across these programs have raised more than USD $400 M. Zone Startups offer strategic guidance, have seed-stage investment fundS and work with Corporations looking to explore new ideas and embrace cutting – edge innovation technologies.

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