Request Finance Hits $400M Milestone in Crypto Payments, Unveils the Ultimate Guide to Crypto Treasury Managem...

October 13, 2023

SINGAPORE, Oct. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Request Finance, the leading enterprise crypto payments app, has achieved a remarkable milestone, processing over $400 million in crypto invoices, payroll, and expenses since launching in 2021.

It has helped over 2,000 Web3 teams, such as The Sandbox, NEAR, and The Graph to automate and simplify enterprise payments, financial reporting, and compliance for companies using crypto.

Following the overwhelming success of last year’s Ultimate Web3 CFO Guide, which saw over a thousand downloads, Request Finance is excited to announce the second edition of this invaluable resource.

This year, the guide comes with a special focus on managing crypto treasuries, especially crucial in the current bear market.

Complexities of crypto treasury management

In traditional finance, treasury management is a well-understood concept, but its application in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector remains a complex challenge.

This guide serves as a one-stop-shop for organizations—be it DAOs, Foundations, or dApp builders—to navigate the intricacies of crypto treasury management effectively.

Christophe Lassuyt, CEO and Co-Founder of Request Finance, adds, “To combat inflationary pressures, we highlight opportunities in increasingly popular asset classes like liquid staking, structured products, and tokenized ‘real-world’ assets like US treasury bills and private credit.”

“Ultimate Guide to Crypto Treasury Management” Launched

Crafted in collaboration with nearly 700 Web3 finance and operation leaders from the Web3 CFO Club, the guide offers practical frameworks applicable to teams of all sizes and financial expertise levels. It covers:

  • Liquidity management – Budgeting & forecasting, crypto payments
  • Funding management – Fundraising, trading, hedging, and portfolio management
  • Risk management – Identifying risks facing crypto treasuries and strategies to mitigate them
  • Crypto treasury management systems – Benefits and functions

Greg Mocnik, Finance Manager at dYdX Foundation, said, “Enjoyed reading through the new Web3 CFO Guide. Well thought, comprehensive, piece of resource and reading for any finance professional bringing theory and practice together at a level and in a language that easy to understand.”

The guide is packed with actionable tools, case studies, and frameworks designed for busy professionals. It contains practical resources to help founders, operations and finance leads, or anyone responsible for FinOps, manage their crypto treasury amidst the bear market.

Get a free copy of your Crypto Treasury Management Guide here.

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