Remoulding Education With Technology

Asia Blockchain Review
January 15, 2020

The education sector has been altered accordingly to the development of technology in the past decade. Traces of technology constantly makes a headline into the education sector and that was how the introduction of online learning had begun. India’s education system has gone through an array of changes with the rise of technology. In fact, it was predicted by KPMG and Google that India’s online learning is to hit a $2 Billion industry by 2021. The rise of smartphone owners in India has for certain is one of the major contributing factors to the increase in tech-edu collaboration.

AI Customizing Learning Curve

The learning curve of individuals differs from one person to another. In terms of an individual’s absorption ability, the inclusion of AI into the sector is able to do wonders for the individual and the educators themselves. Not all students are able to absorb information through one method only. Educators have to be more attentive and aware of the ways to approach different students. However, this is not feasible for a normal human being. AI is able to come into picture by constructing a student’s profile through data that are collected from several different sources. AI’s analysis of a student’s profile provides information that enables students to receive well-suited assistance.

Pattern recognition and machine learning with AI are able to analyse education background along with the patterns that are not recognised by others. An explanation to this is that AI is able to inform educators on what is most suitable for the students and even methods to how the student would understand incorporate information better be it through reading assessments, video learning or lectures. Pattern recognition that AI is able to offer is most importantly able to point on specific topics that students have difficulty in understanding and adjustments are able to be made quickly by educators instead of having the need for exams as a traditional measurement of a person’s understanding.

Appearance of Blockchain

Blockchain’s characteristics that provide transparency are definitely the key in the education sector as fraud and deception are more commonplace these days. Establishing a shared database and transparency on every institution and individual is key to ensuring mutual trust. Adding to that, applying blockchain technology would reduce the risk of fraud and definitely protect students along with educational institutions.


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