Pundi X Launches Limited-Edition ‘Manga-Themed’ XPASS Cards

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September 28, 2019

Singapore-based Pundi X has released its limited-edition XPASS Card at one of the biggest tech events of Tokyo’s Akihabara district, “AkiColle,” according to a report by NameCoinNews.  

AkiColle, which took place on September 22nd, is organized every two years in Akihabara, a famous shopping hub known for electronics retailers. People gather at AkiColle to enjoy cultural shows and shop for electronics, games, anime content and paraphernalia, etc. This year, the event also features blockchain and crypto-based products. 

Exclusive XPASS Card Supports Popular Tokens

Pundi X premiered its ‘manga-themed’ XPASS Cards to attract crypto and blockchain enthusiasts attending AkiColle. A limited number of cards were produced exclusively for AkiColle and supports BTC, BNB, ETH, NPXS, Qtum, and XEM, one of the most trusted virtual currencies in Japan. 

The XPASS Card, as well as limited-edition t-shirts, were available from the Pundi X booth. To purchase the exclusive card, buyers were required to present their ID and smartphones. Customers could also enjoy promotional discounts if they complete the purchase with certain cryptocurrencies. 

Pundi X Promotes NPXS for Blockchain Developers

Based in Singapore, Pundi X offers a crypto payments platform that works on the Ethereum blockchain. The company launched its native token, NPXS, for developers to create applications on the Pundi X network. 

The goal of Pundi X is to push the adoption of cryptocurrency by making it as convenient as debit and credit cards. Pundi X creators hope to employ NPXS on their Ethereum-based POS devices.

Source: https://www.namecoinnews.com/ 

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