Piloting the HR Tech through Blockchain

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March 3, 2020
Piloting the HR Tech through Blockchain

With global changes that occur on varied levels, the Human Resource (HR) industry never misses out on the opportunity to grow further; especially when it comes to the development of mankind. One of the key attributes involves the implementation of task-related efficiencies, cutting up the costs and time to produce a high level of productivity and drastically improve the overall experience in the technological sphere.

ABR is honoured to have another chat with Randstad’s Regional Marcomms Director of SEA & Greater China, Rena Tan, on the overall standpoint of the Human Resource industry into its level of adaptation towards the Blockchain space. Let’s have a read on what’s new in this space!

Internet of Careers

“Being a career credentialing solution, blockchain is to verify the authenticity of the qualification of job seekers across the nation.” stated Rena. With the usage of the blockchain technology in the HR industry, smart contracts can be executed, as well as rewards and incentives in a token-based for employees when they achieve certain KPIs and milestones.

On every transformation being implemented, the challenge is looked upon towards the change of the management process. For instance, embracing new technologies and development would require a lot of entities to clamber out of their comfort zones for a little while and then see the possibilities to invest in resources and further harvest the whole implementation process. 

Transformation of the Human Capital

Rena added that by embracing data and technology of blockchain, it will be able to leverage the HR industry by transforming the norm of the human capital professional scouting process, by managing as well as strategising the flow. Moreover, as Randstad utilises Artificial Intelligence chatbots and automation processes to locate, chat and qualify every talent; the curated lists would be a direct reflection of candidate selection that is based on the skills, competencies and experience as well as identifying the expectations, aspirations and the motivation of the talents in question.

Humanising The Tech

Technology exists to assist the humankind in various sectors of life. By utilising technology, humans are still the dominant factor for every single action being made to verify everything in from the start to the end of the process. The controversial factor will always be an issue as automation is commonly viewed as a menial, mundane or a time-consuming experience – when it is in fact a benefit for everyone; added Rena. By implementing technologies that augment capabilities, recruiters and HR personnel can dedicate more time to work that requires human creativity and emotions, traits that technology cannot emulate. 

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