NEO Aims to Dethrone Ethereum as Most Developer-Friendly Blockchain

Asia Blockchain Review
September 17, 2019

NEO, often called the Ethereum of China, is rapidly expanding in a race against Ethereum as the most developer-friendly blockchain available. With support from experienced developers, including John deVadoss who leads the project, NEO is promising improved capabilities to attract developers around the globe, according to a report by CryptoSlate.

NEO Supports Multiple Programming Languages for Accessibility

This year, NEO has been trying to leverage its resources, valued over US$535 million, to enhance its blockchain platform with more advanced features. It has opened a development hub based in Seattle, Washington and recruited several skilled developers for platform development.

One of the strongest features of NEO is its developer-friendliness that does not require conventional developers to learn new, esoteric programming languages and unorthodox technology stacks like other blockchain platforms. Unlike Ethereum, which requires developers to use Solidity, NEO supports JavaScript, Java, Python, and Go, making it more accessible to developers. 

NEO Rises to Among the Top Cryptos Worldwide

Launched in 2015, China-based NEO was originally known as “Antshares” before rebranding as “NEO” the following year to emphasize its focus on digital assets and creating the “next-gen internet.” 

The platform has been developed to provide “optimal infrastructure necessary for mass adoption,” according to a statement made by project founder Da Hongfei at the 2019 NEO Community Summit.

Amid the wildly bullish crypto market in 2017 that coincided with the rebrand, NEO rose from obscurity to be among the top 10 by market capitalization seemingly overnight and, at one point, exceeded the billion-dollar valuation mark in August 2017. At the time of writing, the crypto was ranked 20th by market capitalization. 


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