Naysan’s Take On A Digitalised New Norm and World

Nurul Zamrè

July 24, 2020

We at Asia Blockchain Review managed to chat with the co-founder of MoneyMatch, Naysan Munusamy on the whole pandemic to the world and our ecosystems. Without further ado, let’s dive in as we prepare for what is coming through for all of us in the next coming years.

The outbreak of coronavirus or widely known as the covid-19 pandemic has done so much to the global community. From changing the daily norms of being outdoors to indoors, interactions are happening virtually and most importantly, a new wave of social interactions between corporations and its audiences at large. We are looking to either adapt or stay behind the transformational year of technologies at large. 

Naysan Touts A New Lifestyle

“The coronavirus has basically short-circuited the timeline of our daily lives towards a digital lifestyle. I am without doubt that a digital era of the world was coming; though what would have taken decades might now take years.” Naysan added. 

Technologies are being utilized rapidly, and societies are getting prepared simultaneously as they are waiting for the next big chapter of “what is next”. As we circle out the worrisome of all matters in life, especially when a pandemic like the COVID-19 happened, we shall also look at it on a bright side of things.

Movement Control Order – MCO

Orders happened for various reasons. It was reported that in Malaysia, the current economy has been affected at large by the virus and businesses have been badly shaken since the outbreak.

At the same time, we are also seeing the bright side of things and ecosystem of the world, for instance, images of clear rivers and air have been shared across social media. Humans are also starting to notice the absence of genuine conversation, as hustling and bustling became the pivotal point of life and nature; showing their mourns.

We are also looking at how we could all help to heal the world once again, as it has been long used for nature to go haywire. As time is ticking, we are also witnessing a lot of companies are paying attention to what has happened and to also allow nature to heal itself, once again. 

New Tech For The New Breed

With new advancements in technology in all sectors across the world, the younger generation are prone to adapt to current developments; whilst the older generation takes a bit of their sweet time to adapt to the change of the digital age. “This is where good government policies can be implemented to level the playing field.” said Naysan.

As we transform from one decade to another, generation gaps happened and the sitting points for all generations to unite is through a mutual understanding of change and adaption. Blockchain is one of the key element to it, let alone; understanding why the technology is known as the “future” technology.

Being transparent and traceable as the key elements allow us all as the general communities to corporates and government to oversee what needed to be done; for serve everything in a fair and square manner; with what we have in all circles of life.

Family Is Everything

Staying afloat in all conditions means; one needs a strong support system to go through the daily lives and struggles despite the chaos that is happening everywhere and anywhere. For Naysan, having two little toddlers has helped him stay strong amidst whatever adversity. 

A study shows that having a family is one of nature’s masterpieces. “Home is where the heart is. And heart is where the family lives.” 

Being a huge family of Universe’s society has been a blessing in disguise for if we all know our purposes and responsibilities with one another.

Naysan concluded his last words by dropping in some advices for the newcomers of the future technology’s development by saying “Find A Problem & Then Fix That Problem”.

By doing so, one would not just develop a new technology for the sake of being stand out, but, rather finding real life problems and utilising futuristic technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and more to solve problems that are creating the separation of the world’s citizen, instead of a union of all.

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