Microchipped Pets Can Be Registered on Blockchain

Asia Blockchain Review
January 12, 2020

To revolutionize the pet industry in Italy, FattorePet, a digital marketing agency, aims to establish a blockchain-based independent registry for animals, according to a CoinIdol report.

Its first initiative, Fauna.life brings a pet registry and genealogical records onto the blockchain for better animal welfare.

Blockchain-based Tracking System

Founded by animal expert Irene Sofia and blockchain expert Marco Crotta, Fauna.life offers a microchip-like tracking system in which any animal can be registered on its blockchain. 

This blockchain-based solution claims to significantly reduce the time to receive a pedigree for a pet, as the Fauna.life website explains that “when a puppy is born from two individuals known with pedigree, its information can be updated in extremely short times.”

Seeking to prevent problems like stray animals and diseases, Fauna.life reportedly uses a simple, effective, and economical technology that allows each owner to enter the data of their animal. The user can include pet owners, volunteers, farmers, or veterinarians.

Fauna.life also claims that it has “the best guarantee to guarantee that what is entered in the verified transactions corresponds exactly to the truthfulness of the data.”

Rich Array of Advantages to Pet Industry

The platform’s advantages are derived from application of blockchain to the pet world. The CoinIdol report says Fauna.life can ensure the unification of the canine registry at national and international levels, including facilitating animal movements and adoptions between various regions, while preventing the illegal trafficking of pets.

With a microchip that stores all pedigree information, pet owners who use Fauna.life can have the family tree of their pet, while veterinarians can study the transmissibility of inherited genetic diseases across large sample pools with greater accuracy.

Source: coinidol.com

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