Malaysian PM Discusses Blockchain with CEO of Huobi China

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June 11, 2019

Hubery Yuming Yuan, CEO of Huobi China, together with officials from the firm My Wood & GMGT, have recently met with Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed to discuss blockchain technology and how it can enhance Malaysia’s industries.

Advancing Malaysia’s Industries via Blockchain

As reported by Yahoo News, Mahathir welcomed the arrival of the meeting team, with talks focusing on the application and developmental prospects of blockchain, as well as plans by My Wood CEO Mohd Yunus to incorporate the technology into his company’s green power and timber businesses.

The Malaysian premier expressed his appreciation and support for the project, while also discussing how blockchain can be implemented into the manufacturing and energy industries.

Custom Solutions Through the Power of Blockchain

Huobi China is a blockchain consulting and research platform dedicated to leading industrial upgrades and bringing the power of blockchain to various sectors.

Relying on its five business units comprising Huobi Research, Huobi University (China), Huobi Labs (China), Huobi Talent, and Huobi BitLegal, Huobi China aims to develop specialized “pan-life-cycle” services; provide customized solutions for governments and enterprises; jointly establish a new economy via blockchain; and improve industrial efficiency while training specialists.

Promoting Public and Private Sector Cooperation

Earlier this year, Yuan reached out to the Chinese government, saying it could have a positive impact on the 21st century by joining forces with industry.

He also recently spoke before an audience of over 60 industry representatives, government officials, and academic experts at Hainan University, discussing the importance of positive collaboration between the blockchain industry, governments and regulators.

Yuan specifically lauded the government of Hainan for providing a robust environment for blockchain development and the application of technologies.


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