Leading K-Study with the blockchain technology, Dain Leaders launches the digital tracking platform for intern...

November 25, 2020

SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — As untact business has spread due to COVID19, more international students are demanding a tracking system that allows them to apply for admissions online. However, many are complaining about the limitations of the existing processes.  

Leading K-Study with the blockchain technology, Dain Leaders launches the digital tracking platform for international students
Leading K-Study with the blockchain technology, Dain Leaders launches the digital tracking platform for international students

Kim (36), an official handling international student admissions at College A in Korea, is spending too much time reviewing an increasing number of application forms from international students for authenticity.

On the other hand, Linhuei (18), a student from Ho Chi Minh, has recently gained interests in the Korean Wave and decided to study in Korea. She wants to know more about the Korean colleges and culture, but it is hard for her to find accurate information.

‘Digital tracking system’ has opened up a new horizon for the fast-growing K-Study.

Dain Leaders, a Blockchain edutech specialist of Korea, has announced the release of a digital tracking platform based on Blockchain. Dain Leaders is an edutech specialist with technology that leads untact education for educational institutions and companies in Korea and abroad and launches this year a system for students to track their own history and apply for admissions online.

Dain Leaders joined the Blockchain proof of concept (PoC) project of the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) to test the technology for stability and credibility of data on the platform for commercial application later this year.   

The biggest benefit of the digital tracking platform for international students is that it can save time and cost. International students who wished to apply for a college in Korea had to prepare the same packet of application forms every single time and pay the application fees redundantly. The digital tracking platform is embedded with the smart contract tool, so they can apply for several colleges using the verified documents.

School officials who had to process all application packets manually can use the convenient and efficient online systems and save space without the paperwork.  

In addition, the application packets cannot be forged or altered by certain individuals or groups as they are recorded on the Blockchain network to ensure credibility and security.

“We will continue to improve the service to save and manage on the Blockchain network all the transcripts, degrees, and resumes of international students, so they can use their records while studying in Korea and when finding jobs after graduation,” said the spokesperson of Dain Leaders.

For more information, you can visit Dain Leaders’ official website. (http://www.dainleaders.com/)

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