KPMG Launches Blockchain-Based Platform to Verify Data for Trade Partners

Asia Blockchain Review
December 7, 2019

KPMG Origins — a blockchain-based platform for global trade — has been officially launched by KPMG in China, Australia and Japan. The platform allows trading partners to communicate product information to end users with a transparent and traceable system.

KPMG Origins claims to provide traceability and transparency to KPMG’s trading partners in various industries with the use of emerging technologies such as blockchain, IoT, and data and analytics. On this multilingual platform, unique product information is communicated to end users across the trade partners’ supply chains.

Blockchain System for Diverse Stakeholders

KPMG Origins was launched after it had been piloted with clients in Australia, China and Japan.

Laszlo Peter, KPMG Head of Blockchain Services for Asia Pacific, provides details on the platform, stating: 

“KPMG Origins is the result of several successful initial trials with clients to understand industry pain and trust points, map incentive structures, and create a platform to add real value. To move beyond the hype, it is necessary to introduce complex technology across a diverse set of corporate stakeholders.”

Verification of Data for Complex Supply Chain

The goal of KPMG Origins is to tackle issues that may arise in supply chain ecosystems, which have become more complex.

Ken Reid, Partner and ASPAC Head of Advisory at KPMG Australia, explained: 

“The supply chains of the 21st century are faster, more interconnected, and require sharing greater amounts of data than ever before. From agriculture to financial services, the complexity of supply chain ecosystems creates operational risks, reconciliation challenges as well as safety concerns. KPMG Origins’ goal is to solve these problems by providing independent third-party verification and certification of data and processes.”


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