Growing the Blockchain Ecosystem on Klaytn Platform – Interview with KJ, Senior Manager of Ground X

Asia Blockchain Review
May 23, 2019

Asia Blockchain Review chats with KJ, senior manager of the E&S team at Ground X to discover how the Klaytn platform will contribute to the development of blockchain applications.


Asia Blockchain Review: Can you tell us a little bit about your background & your current position at Ground X?

KJ: Hello. I am KJ, a senior manager working for the E&S team at Ground X. Before joining Ground X, I worked for a company accelerating and investing in South Korean startups. Now, my role is to build the Klaytn ecosystem with various partners. I seek out various companies which can collaborate with Klaytn to build a world powered by blockchain technology.


ABR: What exactly is Ground X & the Klaytn platform?

KJ: Ground X is the blockchain subsidiary of Kakao, the largest mobile platform company with over 50 million users. In 2018, Kakao HQ decided to found a blockchain company named Ground X to develop blockchain technology and expand blockchain business.

Klaytn is a public blockchain which is a service-centric platform providing a user-friendly UI/UX and enterprise-friendly DX (developer experience) environment. Through the Klaytn platform, anyone can build and develop blockchain applications (BApps) using blockchain technology.

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ABR: Ground X has made some big advances for a company that was only launched last year. What’s next in your roadmap?

KJ: The most important goal of Klaytn is to successfully launch the mainnet in June. Additionally, we should concentrate on the stabilization of the platform and securing initial users for mass adoption. After launching the mainnet, we will put our efforts into building and developing the ecosystem of Klaytn. Our main goal is to achieve mass adoption, with various partner services, of blockchain technology.


ABR: Your team is especially dedicated to education & training. Can you tell us why?

KJ: In my opinion, I think blockchain technology is not yet complete. I think we can build better blockchain technology together if we gather a lot of smart developers in the world. Developing with open source is very important, particularly in the blockchain space. This is because open source allows various developers to contribute to the technology’s development, including Klaytn. That’s why we want to provide a variety of training and content based on Klaytn to those who want to learn blockchain development skills. I believe this is the first step toward creating an ecosystem.

If we have the opportunity, I would like to work with a variety of partners and university & education institutions that wish to conduct Klaytn development training in places like Vietnam and the Philippines.


ABR: Klaytn aims to be a service-centric & user-friendly blockchain platform. What features in Klaytn will enable this?

KJ: We provide Klaytn IDE, which allows individual developers to develop their blockchain applications more easily. In addition, to assist large enterprise-level service providers, we have an outstanding TPS (currently 3000+ TPS per second) compared to other platforms in order to enable large enterprises to more easily maintain their user pool and process massive transactions.

More importantly, Klaytn’s strength lies in introducing the concept of the service chain, which constructs a network structure where each company can selectively operate a private blockchain in order to maintain customer data privacy if it so wishes. These benefits come together to meet Klaytn’s aim to be service-centric.

In addition, the 1-second finality is also a great advantage in accommodating the massive scale of enterprise-level operations. For more information, please visit


ABR: You have 26 initial partners on Klaytn. What roles do these partners serve?

KJ: The 26 initial service partners (ISPs) will launch their own services based on the blockchain technology of Klaytn. Initial users can utilize diverse blockchain applications and services. ISPs include social dating, gaming, the sharing economy, ticketing, and others. Interestingly, our ISPs already have a combined user base of 0.4 billion users. We believe that Klaytn can achieve mass adoption in the crypto space. By 2019, Klaytn will expand further by acquiring 100 initial service partners.

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