International Ports Adopt Latest Logistics Tech

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October 15, 2019
International Ports Adopt Latest Logistics Tech

Major ports around the world, such as those in Singapore, the UK’s Dover, and the Netherland’s Rotterdam are racing to adopt new innovations and technologies to better cater to the freight industry, with the leading ports now relying on automatic identification systems (AIS), radar, and traceability technologies to monitor the movement of cargo and traffic.

Singapore Implements Intelligent Shipping System

According to a Riviera report, Kenneth Lim, CTO of the Singapore Maritime and Port Authority, revealed that Singapore is preparing to implement the latest maritime technologies such as e-navigation and vessel tracking at the port’s vessel traffic management (VTS) center.

“We are creating an enabling environment for innovation and catalysing maritime innovation ecosystems through our maritime R&D 2030 roadmap,” said Lim. “Port of Singapore is a living laboratory for intelligent shipping, vessel traffic management systems, e-navigation and terminal automation.”

Each year, Singapore port handles 120,000 ship calls and, at any given time, welcomes over 1,000 vessels in its port, with ships docking and undocking every few minutes.

Rotterdam Tracks Vessels with New Technology

Meanwhile, the Port of Rotterdam revealed that it is developing advanced vessel management systems. Authorities disclosed that some of the projects it has embarked on included the launch of information portals and digital port services, while blockchain technology is being considered for integration into its systems.

Martijn Thijsen, Port of Rotterdam’s head of digital strategy and transformation, added that it is focusing on collaboration with partners in order to prepare for future operations. 

“We need to be ready for five-years down the line when trading will be completely different,” said Thijsen. He also confirmed that blockchain and vessel tracking is part of the port’s new plans.


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