International Digital Exchange Trading Platform Zipmex Opens In Thailand

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July 27, 2020

After conquering 18 months of regulatory hurdles, regional licensed digital trading platform Zipmex, announced its launch in Thailand.

The expansion comes after successful launches in Singapore, Indonesia and Australia as the company continues to accelerate operations across Southeast Asia to fuels a rising demand for digital currency due to the recent regulation changes in the market.

Zipmex’s timely expansion into Thailand coincides with Project Inthanon by the Bank of Thailand, which is now entering phase three of development.

Project Inthanon is a collaborative project between the central bank and financial institutions with the key objective of developing and testing a proof of concept for domestic wholesale funds transfer using a wholesale Central Bank Digital Currency.

This initiative supports the notion that change is on the horizon pertaining to digital currency regulations and its acceptance in Thailand.

“We are thrilled to be able to open our services to Thailand. The journey here has only just begun as we launch our services into the Thai market, and we are determined to forge key relationships with our most important partner – the customer. After experiencing a spike in demand for crypto services during the first half of 2020, we look forward to having the opportunity to engage with our new clients to provide a secure, trusted and reputable digital asset exchange platform in return.” – Co-founder and CEO of Zipmex Thailand, Akalarp Yimwilai 

Zipmex offers traders a variety of investment opportunities in cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

This innovative platform provides users with access to a liquid market, giving the best prices of digital assets, featuring a wide selection of cryptocurrencies and financial access for anyone seeking investment opportunities.

In addition, the Zipmex charges ZERO trading fees, while other exchanges normally do at 0.25% on average, and its custody solution is fully insured.

Zipmex launched in Thailand with the support of the country’s most trusted and loved corporations including Thaivivat Insurance PLC, The Sala Hospitality Group, Traveloka, and The Water Library Group.

Exclusive prizes worth a total value of over Thai Baht 2 Million have been given out as part of the pre-launch campaign to the top 5 who successfully referred the most friends to register with Zipmex on its official website

The Southeast Asian market is experiencing a ‘crypto-boom’ with the current global pandemic with Covid 19 which is fueling a further shift for digital currencies and assets due to fiat currencies crashing.

Pre-pandemic, this would typically result in a surge towards US currency, however the market is experiencing a shift due to the growing interest in government-backed national digital currencies, with China emerging as a leader.

The global perception and acceptance of digital assets is changing swiftly with the current economic climate and indicates the growing interest in crypto and digital assets across the region, and the emergence of a competitive market for new players.


Zipmex was founded in 2018 by Marcus Lim and Akalarp Yimwilai, with the aim of solving issues with e-currency access across Asia.

The company uses a custody solution with up to $100 million insured by Lloyd’s of London.

Today Zipmex has over 40,000 users and sees over $140 million USD (~4.5 trillion baht) traded.

Operating across Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and now Thailand, Zipmex continues to expand its functionality and features from cryptocurrency to traditional markets with plans to expands across the region further.

About Zipmex

Zipmex is a fully licensed international digital trading platform offering a variety of investment opportunities.

It’s principle objective of providing trust and offering ease of use in digital trading is summed by its offer for users to ‘Tap anywhere. Trade anytime’.

The innovative digital assets exchange facility provides users with access to a liquid market for a wide selection of cryptocurrencies and a financial gateway to the every man through investment opportunities.

Zipmex aims to excite, educate and enrich people through providing them with insight into endless financial possibilities.

Zipmex boasts over 40,000 users, with over $140 million USD traded to date. Zipmex strives to become a wealth generating platform through helping people save and invest wisely, increasing their wealth.

Zipmex is a platform for everyone to use to manage investments and wealth.

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