Infinito: World-Class Security And Data Privacy To Behold

Nurul Zamrè

April 9, 2020

With a global mission to serve as a safe and universal getaway for consumers to access and enjoy leading blockchain products and services, Infinito enables a mass adoption for businesses by empowering a safe and efficient application process for the technology of Blockchain as well as cryptocurrencies. We at ABR have prepared a special piece for you to latch onto the bandwagon of the fastest evolving technology with values that connect to future developments as well.

Research & Development experts came together to create Infinito Wallet; passwords and fingerprints will now become your best friends. More than 50 members including developers, designers, business leaders, marketing and customer service specialists took their time to curate the ideal solution of decentralised applications on Blockchain. Private keys that are given are only controlled by you and the platform is easy to use, free and supports more than 8 languages worldwide.

The Ecosystem For Everyone & Everything

A community that can connect with everything is a future union that we all look out for. If you are tired of storing your crypto in multiple wallets, Infinito Wallet has the solution for it because everything will be there in one wallet. Listing the available cryptos are Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Cardano, USDT, Tron, Binance Chain, Cosmos, Stellar, DASH, Litecoin, TOMO, BCH, ETC, Ontology, NEO, DOGE, as well as ERC20, BEP-2, EOS, TRC19, TRC20, and NEP5 tokens.

Having the security and privacy protection, one would not have to be afraid of getting the information and data hacked due to everything being transparent, traceable and precisely; permanent. With every single change being amended, the block chain will be able to detect and showcase the changes to the main tracking platform.

Revolutionary Ownership Paradigm

Ever since the Internet began, information has become the key aspect of usage. With Blockchain; the age of digital ownership commences and Blockchain itself is the living proof of it. If we were to go down memory lane, we used to buy CDs or rent DVDs to watch a movie or go out to purchase gifts and goods without actually knowing the primary source of the retailers to the suppliers.

With digital transformation access through Blockchain with Infinito, data and assets of all kinds; including information to goods are digitised and accessible.

Infinito Wallet and Platform: The Real Deal

When there is a technology, there shall be implementers. As Infinito grows to assist global partners across Southeast Asia, there are more than 2,000 cryptos across 17 blockchains, 26 DApps and 4 popular blockchain for users and 20 modules for developers and businesses.

To add up more to that, there are nearly 70,000 active wallet users with 400,000+ wallet downloads. Decentralised Finance (DeFi) is revolutionising the world as we speak, as the market capitalisation is recorded to be about $253billion – in March, just this year alone. 

A New World To Explore

2020 and Beyond: A Blockchain Ready Future

If you have any rare collectables that you would like to showcase to the platform of Blockchain; you are reaching out to the right arms of the future technology. The industry for commercials and collectables will reach up to an amount that we can barely imagine being appreciated at all costs when the Blockchain technology and platform is being utilised for the betterment of our future and administration of the whole market. 

It has now become an asset of transparency of value that no one can even deny the status; but to adhere to the system at all costs. Thus, Blockchain would not just regain control of your assets, but will make sure that every data point is no stranger to every block of the chain you have on the system.

We have reached the peak years and decades of digital transformation to make our lives easier and technology exists; the majority reason is to assist the lives of humans to the better.

As an ecosystem that provides blockchain services, products to solutions, businesses and users would be able to manage as well as grow their crypto wealth and payment in a verified and secured platform.

About Infinito 

Infinito provides an ecosystem of blockchain products, services, and solutions for users and businesses to manage and build as well as enjoy blockchain applications. Through Infinito Wallet, the best crypto investment tool for starters, the team empowers people to get started with cryptocurrency investment and grow their wealth easily and safely. 

Infinito was formerly known as Infinito Solutions; founded in 2016 with headquarters in Singapore. It is part of the Infinity Blockchain Group with offices in Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Europe.

About Fedor Bushlanov

Fedor has over 10 years of professional experience in business development and sales in the spheres of digital videos and Blockchain. He was primarily engaged in the development and management of professional software products to international B2B sales of cutting-edge technological solutions. Moreover, his profound knowledge in Information Technology equipped him in his journey along with a strategic and innovative mindset to evolve the landscape of technology-driven era by empowering startups, business to aspiring developers across the nation.

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