Infinito Wallet Promotes Blockchain Adoption through An Exceptional Crypto User Experience

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May 23, 2019

SINGAPORE, May 21, 2019 It is widely recognized by now that blockchain and cryptocurrency present unprecedented possibilities for key industry sectors and can very well forever change our day to day lives. Numerous key players have been trying to solve real-world problems with this cutting-edge tech. Consumers are also picking up on this, as the communities of crypto and blockchain service users have grown exponentially. Unfortunately, the road to adoption is anything but an easy one.

Infinito Solutions, a Singapore-based company with a team of 50 blockchain experts, aims to make blockchain adoption a reality for users, applications, and businesses. With this mission, they have built, Infinito Wallet, which, in the past two years, has been providing a safe place for every user to manage their crypto wealth, enjoy the applications they love and will love, and make payments in just a few clicks. For startups and companies, Infinito is the ultimate solution to successfully innovate with – and capitalize on – blockchain.

The Main Obstacle to Blockchain Mass Adoption? Weak User Experience

Blockchain products and services are still haunted by subpar user experience. This is especially noticeable when compared to their more traditional centralized and fiat-based counterparts. Consumers of today’s highly polished and systematically executed applications can never go back to the earlier days of clunky interfaces and convoluted processes. And when the average, non-tech savvy consumers try their hand at most blockchain applications, they are instantly bombarded with complex jargon and obscure methods to get to the next point.

The self-sovereignty of blockchain is a double-edged knife: it is a great plus for user privacy and sole ownership of assets, but a huge turnoff for ease of use and prone to mistakes. In blockchain, each fund has its own private key, no two blockchain address is alike, and there are no transaction revokes. A moment of carelessness will cause you your funds. To the tech-savvy crowd, this is only natural: more personal control means more responsibility. However, for the ordinary person who is used to using centrally operated services, this is unreliable and, frankly, unusable.

Additionally, blockchain’s weak user experience also stems from the market’s anonymous nature. There are many fake copycat cryptos on the market and not all blockchain services and apps really do what they say they do. Most notably, there has been quite a few wallet and exchange hacking incidents that resulted in millions of users losing their money.

Due to the intricate and tech-focused nature of blockchain, most products out there today tend to focus on a specific need. There are hardly any versatile solution to do multiple things, especially when blockchain interoperability remains an unsolved issue still. Sadly, at the moment both users and development communities are still largely scattered.

Despite all of this, one application sets out to perfect the user experience of blockchain by eliminating all inconveniences and consumer entry barriers to bring about real blockchain adoption; and its name is Infinito Wallet.

Infinito Wallet – Enabling Adoption of Blockchain Assets and Services through Creating An Exceptional User Experience

Officially released to the market in 2017, Infinito Wallet today is a widely acclaimed universal wallet that lets users access and enjoy the widest range of leading cryptocurrencies and blockchain services with utmost safety and convenience. As of Q2 2019, Infinito Wallet has more than 400,000 downloads globally and supports many local languages.  Users of the wallet enjoy frequent value-packed community reward programs and can use Infinito Points to access premium Membership Program perks such as receiving discounts when buying products or services, getting rewarded with Infinito Tokens, gaining early access to high-value airdrops and bounties, deciding the next supported coins, services, and features, and using premium wallet features.

The team’s continued effort has earned Infinito the titles of world’s best wallet for ETH, EOS, ADA, ETC, and ONT. It was also the first mobile wallet for ADA currency through an official development collaboration with IOHK, the team behind Cardano blockchain, as well as the first mobile wallet that supports EOS MainNet and all EOS tokens.

With a secure, professionally audited source code, Infinito Wallet brings about seamless experience while protecting users from possible mistakes or scams. Accessible by owners 24/7, all private keys are encrypted and locally stored, plus can be easily managed using a single 12-word passphrase. Funds can further be protected with password, fingerprint authentication, and soon, a wireless hardware wallet option. Meanwhile, transactional errors and risk are greatly minimized with a dedicated crypto address Contacts list, Veri-sign seals to make sure you are interacting with the right asset, a curated store of verified, top-notch blockchain services, and uniquely, native crypto address AML checking.

At the same time, wealth management with Infinito Wallet is a breeze: you can safekeep all kinds of coins and tokens, buy and sell crypto using fiat, trade, pay for goods and services, lend out funds to make a profit, and more – all in one single place! The wallet is currently compatible with over 2,000 coins and tokens on the market, both utility and security, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, EOS, Binance Chain, Cardano, Dash, NEO, Ethereum Classic, ONTology, and Dogecoin, as well as all ERC20, NEP-5, and EOS tokens. It also boasts a built-in DApp browser called App Square with blockchain services of various categories – exchanges, games, finance, compliance, utility, etc. –  on four major smart contract blockchains: Ethereum, EOS, Binance Chain, and ONTology.

Behind and Beyond the Wallet – A Strong Ecosystem of Partners and Services

Apart from its role as a community gateway to cryptocurrencies and DApps, Infinito Wallet is a part of the overarching Infinito Ecosystem of blockchain products, solutions, and services for both the consumer and business markets. For blockchain businesses and developers, the ecosystem provides Infinito Blockchain Platform with plug-and-play development APIs, tools, and modules, built by Infinito and technology partners. With this platform, blockchain applications need not be developed from scratch, as they can be built and operated in a secure and efficient manner that reduces resources, costs, and most importantly, time-to-market. Furthermore, blockchain apps and services can utilize App Square with various community outreach programs to connect to global crypto communities and grow their user base. The ecosystem also offers ready-made solutions to help innovative businesses adopt, launch, and grow their own industry-specific content using custom-branded versions of Infinito technologies.

All products, services, and solutions in Infinito Ecosystem are built in-house by Infinito team as well as a strong network of partners who share their blockchain adoption vision to serve its user community. All participants naturally synergize with each other so that the ecosystem can grow stronger every day to deliver more innovations and value to all members. With the new Membership Program coming, Infinito Ecosystem will continue to power this program for users with support from various partners, such as EOS Account Creator, WisePass, Sofitto, and many more who are realizing the values of Infinito.

On top of all this, Infinito has also unveiled plans to build its payment platform that will let users enjoy a seamless payment experience with instant speed and next to zero fees by converting any currency, both fiat and crypto, into their Infinito Tokens. The estimated timeline for this platform’s launch as estimated by the team is within Q3 2019. Infinito states that this is their “next big step” to bring about blockchain adoption through a seamless crypto experience, by unifying services and users of different blockchains and currencies through a user-friendly, value-packed financial as well as technological platform.

If you are looking for an exception crypto experience, download Infinito Wallet now, available for both iOS and Android devices.

About Infinito Wallet

Infinito provides a safe place for every user to manage their crypto wealth, enjoy the applications they love and will love, and make payments in just a few clicks. Developed as a scalable application delivery platform, Infinito also enables blockchain applications to be built efficiently, effectively connects to user community, and gives users a seamless crypto payment experience.

A professional team of 50 experts behind Infinito Wallet, Infinito Blockchain Platform, and Infinito business blockchain solutions – with intensive experience in blockchain technology including technical developers and researchers, business and marketing executives, designers, quality control engineers, and customer service officers. Registered in 80 Robinson Road, #08-01, Singapore 068898, registration number 201900666E.

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