Infinito: Eliminate Inconveniences and Risks of Crypto Assets

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February 6, 2020

Designed to be the ultimate solution for all; Infinito Wallet initiated the universal development in 2017 to make blockchain a space that is user-friendly, safe and beneficial. 

Access to crypto and applications across the technology can be ethereal. Henceforth, Infinito Wallet was developed to be accessed by every user for eternity. Noticing poor payment processes and revenue sharing mechanism, Infinito started the brand to assist the building of blockchain applications globally.

Intensive R&D Team Assistance

The core development of the team has an in-depth experience within the field. With more than 50 members of developers, designers, marketing, business and customer service specialists, Infinito provides research on infrastructure for cryptocurrencies and the overall development of utilising blockchain as a whole. In fact, users can utilise Infinito App Square conveniently for an easy and safer payment method to their Infinito Wallet. Price tracking can also be monitored and alerts can be set up for all the market price changes.

Universal Gateway Through Blockchain

With the mission to serve as a safe, concrete and universal gateway for consumers to access and enjoy leading blockchain products and services, Infinito enables blockchain mass adoption for businesses and consumers by powering up an efficient, secured and direct utilisation of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies as a whole. Currently, there are about 500K of downloads worldwide through the platform and languages being supported are English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian and more. 

Infinito Token: Launching in August

Ever wondered how the transparency ecosystem can change the way things work traditionally? Infinito has exclusive access for it through blockchain. For instance, one can vote, pay, score, reward, and stake anything on systems, developments, reputations and rewards, discounts, airdrops, wealth and business offers through Infinito Token where a universal currency is being utilised to fuel the whole ecosystem.

Localising being the main goal for Infinito, the token features globally will facilitate the whole process of payments with discounts, privileges, rewards of activities and more. Seamless blockchain payments being one of the key aspects of Infinito Pay, one can schedule, share and instant pay with a click of a button in the ecosystem itself.

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