Indian Researchers Develop Blockchain Platform to Trace Honey Supply Chain

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September 24, 2019
Indian Researchers Develop Blockchain Platform to Trace Honey Supply Chain

Srijan Technologies, a private company in India, has announced that it is supporting a group of researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Delhi in a project that will use blockchain to track honey from farm to retailer in order to eliminate illegal additives and impurities along the supply chain.

Challenges in the Indian Honey Industry

According to Ledger Insights, India’s honey industry has gained a dubious reputation due to quality control issues. In 2010, the European Union stated that honey from India had been found to be contaminated with substances such as lead and other antibiotics that were introduced in the production process.

To combat this issue, Srijan revealed that it is sponsoring a blockchain-powered platform to trace honey from its origin to end consumers. Initially, researchers determined that the most common issues included the addition of foreign honey, feeding sugar to bees, mislabeling and uncertain geographical origins.

Building Trust Using Blockchain Technology

Rahul Dewan, COO of Srijan Technologies, said blockchain can help Indian honey win back trust from international consumers.

“If importers and consumers around the world are able to trust the quality of the honey they are consuming, grassroot bee-keepers and bee-collectors get better rates,” Dewan said.

Meanwhile, Kavya Dashora, the project’s principal investigator, revealed that decentralized technology can ensure consumers get good quality honey, stating:

“Honey either comes from the wild or from apiaries. The produce can then travel through a number of hands and this is where the chance of adulteration is highest. A blockchain ledger records transactions at every stage of the value chain.”


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