Indian Institute Digital Gurukul Introduces Blockchain Certificates

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December 2, 2019

Digital Gurukul, a digital marketing institute located in Indore, the largest city in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, has recently partnered with Certif-ID, a firm based in Germany, to issue diploma-level certificates to students that will be stored on a blockchain.

Digitizing Certificates in India

The introduction of blockchain-enabled certificates will mean that students receiving diplomas from Digital Gurukul will be able to access the details of their education from anywhere, while also allowing their employers to view their certificates that are stored on a blockchain.

The initiative will eliminate the need for physical certificates to be used in job applications.

The institute is determined to utilize the decentralized technology to facilitate its students, said Raj Padhiyar, Founder and Director of Digital Gurukul.

“Having forayed into the quest for continuous innovation in digital education, it is due to its propensity for technical breakthroughs that today Digital Gurukul stands on a strong foundation of technological platforms across its systems and processes,” Padhiyar added. “Following this legacy, Digital Gurukul is now set to disrupt yet another age-old system of providing paper diplomas to its graduating students.”

Improving Education with Blockchain

The institute revealed that data stored on the blockchain will include students’ portfolios, projects and educational qualifications.

“The adoption of blockchain technology is still in its infancy in the education industry, but we believe it can help make the Indian education system more dependable and trustworthy,” Padhiyar said. “We, at Digital Gurukul are very excited about the adoption of blockchain to issue our diplomas and are sure it will be a move that every other education institution adopts soon.” Source:

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