Honouring Bitcoin in Malaysia – A Refreshed Perspective

Nurul Zamrè

August 5, 2020

With the mission of assisting 50-thousand people becoming Crypto citizens, Bitcoin Malaysia prides on being a center of where communities of all backgrounds and levels could gather, chat to even discuss the current technologies to the future technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and more in a safe and secured space of idealists and evolutionists.

These topics of future technologies have been growing rapidly as communities started to realize the reality of why it was introduced and utilized in many industries. 

When we asked Jason Chew, the Managing Partner of BitcoinMalaysia about how BitcoinMalaysia.com began, he said it all started as a simple blog created by the founder Colbert Low in 2012 to educate the public about cryptocurrencies starting with Bitcoin.

In the span of 8 years, BitcoinMalaysia has become the largest cryptocommunity platform across Malaysia.

One of the conversations that are being discussed includes the change that are happening in technology; to the society’s judgement on the need of change. He said the mission of Bitcoin Malaysia was simple and direct for its audience. 

“We wanted to raise awareness, educate and spur the adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in Malaysia.” 

Up to date, various events on a weekly to monthly basis have been conducted, be it at a physical office space or even virtually on Facebook. The communities have since grew rapidly throughout the country and it barely stops sharing as the main element of the gatherings and conversations is to share and learn with and from one another.

Knowledge Infrastructure

The legendary German-born diarist, Anne Frank once stated that no one becomes poor by giving. Henceforth; the unique feature of Bitcoin Malaysia and the communities that are supporting it follows the concept of sharing. 

Eventually, one does not lose anything by communicating with others on the information that they know. This emphasizes the importance of the weekly gatherings to updates that the community of future technologies have been doing all these years since it was introduced.

In the 5-day sharing sessions of the Southeast Asia DeFi week, highly sought after speakers were part of it, including MAKER, Kyber Network, Melon Protocol, Aave, Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) and more.

Alternate Incomes

Money comes and goes, but if we know it will constantly be there – there would be no worries of our businesses, to even daily activities of trying to make ends meet. 

Blockchain as a technology of decentralization provides a no-undo action because of its permanent value to it. 

Therefore, it creates a high level of trust in the system where no changes will not be recorded and overseen. Communities have been discussing the formation of the new technology into the traditional system of the nation across the world. 

“Nothing lasts forever” as the saying goes; the future technology provided the authenticity and transparency of the “forever” aspect that all industries are looking to explore; be it finance, education, supply chain to even businesses.

In the context of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), the future technology creates an added value to the industry that we already have. 

Nonetheless, it is not right or wrong to understand, learn and eventually decide if you would like to be part of the future development for the future societies. Decisions are all in our hands; but the key concept of it is to understand or dismiss as you please.

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