GHB was awarded new technology at the 2020 Blockchain Awards Ceremony

December 17, 2020

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — GHB, a company to provide platform business model and solution, won the prize of new technology in recognition of prevention of illegal filming and illegal recording prevention technology at the 2020 Blockchain Awards Ceremony hosted by Korea Blockchain Enterprise Promotion Association.

GHB was awarded new technology at the 2020 Blockchain Awards Ceremony
GHB was awarded new technology at the 2020 Blockchain Awards Ceremony

The prevention of illegal filming technology is a technology that detects a frequency of the hidden camera’s frequency band (50Mhz-6Ghz) by the device to resonate and finds the hidden camera under filming.

The illegal recording prevention technology detects near-field recording frequencies that are active through secret recording detection devices (phones, devices), and long-distance call recording via smartphone is a recording detection application that disables recording by activating an illegal recording function using white noise.

GHB will apply the patent for illegal filming prevention technology and illegal recording prevention technology and defined the position “we will try to commercialize it as soon as possible”.

GHB (CEO Ko Ho-bum) actively responds to overseas marketing and advertisements, and tries to complete a new advertisement system that maximizes the effectiveness of advertisements by applying an open advertisement platform system that allows advertisement consumers to directly discover advertisement sponsors and conduct platform business.

Kim Hyung Jung, a head of judging panel (special professor at Korea University), evaluated “Through this screening of the winners, it was an opportunity to confirm that the scope of application of blockchain technology is expanding not only in public institutions, but also in overall society and economy such as music, second-hand transactions, e-sports, fashion, product exports, and M&A between companies”.

Through joint awards with prominent lawmakers such as Lee Won-wook, chairman of the National Assembly’s Science, Technology, Information, Broadcasting and Communication Committee, and Kim Byung-wook, secretary of the National Policy Committee(Democratic Party of Korea), Lee Jung-moon (State Affairs Commission), Jeon Jae-soo (State Affairs Commission), Yang Ki-dae (Public Administration and Security Committee), and Lee Yong-sun(Foreign Affairs and Unification Committee) , it is expected to contribute to political and corporate issues by discussing and delivering the issues of block chain industry to political circles.

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