Future Doctors: An Exploration Of Technology

Nurul Zamrè

July 25, 2020

Demands in all sectors of the economy, specifically in the supply chain industry, or the future of technology have increased its advancedments ever since future improvements have been developed.

Be it in the form of data analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI);  to the rise of electric vehicles (EVs) that we have been witnessing the last couple of years, the growth in every part represents the trends in opportunities, market values, to even the competitive analysis in the same vein of the whole industry.

As Blockchain technology provides an innovative as well as a disruptive approach to automated DR programs, a Research Analyst for Energy & Environment, Naren Pasupalati stated that it also creates another dimension of security to a decentralised smart energy grid management ecosystem. Automated DR programs, as in – the future doctors in the new world.

A Direct Practice

From financial settlements to energy contracts, Blockchain-based DR provides a significant aspect of validation that is real-time and up-front basis. Thus, it allows enthusiastic adoption in the whole regions such as Europe and North America where the energy sector is a growing demand for transactive. 

A lecturer of Engineering Science & Computational Informatics Group at the University of Oxford, Dr David Clifton explained that big data in the healthcare industry enables all the data being generated by patients to be analyzed to identify the early warning signal in minimizing death and maximizing recovery.

He also thinks that there is a solid usage on predicting the ability of the future technology to analyze data every four hours, recording vital signs, pulsing rates to respiration.

In the long run, machine learning adoption into the whole ecosystem would not just improve the overall data quality to tracking, but allows for actions to be directly applied once it is identified by the systems; and human force to implement the change of where it needs to be. 

Single Point Of Failures

The industry of electronic health records of medical in London, England applied Medicalchain’s Blockchain to maintain the integrity of the health records whilst establishing a single point of truth.

As a matter of fact, laboratories, future doctors to hospitals can request information of the patient with a record of origin as well as keeping the identity of the patients secured from explicit sources. 

In May of 2018, they announced the release of MyClinic.com where a telemedicine platform enables patients to virtually consult their doctors and make the payments with “MedTokens”.

Agreement Of Authenticity

Driving into the whole technological terms of the future technology in all industries, we are looking into the aspect of security of database and agreement of transactions as well as the open source algorithms.

Once a driving force of change is done and amended based on the need for such transformation, we are looking into the whole future technological society adaption to the ecosystem of Blockchain and future technologies. 

To sum up, blocks of events and information are validated and will remain chained to the previous block in the future technology sphere as transparent, immutable and ultimately becomes permanent proof of a patient’s information.

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