Food Traceability Through Blockchain: Harumanis Mangoes

Nurul Zamrè

March 25, 2020

Food Traceability Through Blockchain: Harumanis Mangoes

One fine day, before we start hitting up the pans to cook or prepare something for our family – knowing the exact source to the endpoint of the produce of our vegetables and fruits would go a long way in alleviating all the worries we have instantly. The reality check comes around on the basis of how did everything start and where did we; as human capitals transform and adapt to the changes as the years pass by? Today, ABR is going to explore deeper into the traceability of the food industry through Blockchain technology, specifically under the technology provider of WOWTRACE.

As we commenced on food; recently, we had the honour of engaging with Y.A. Harumanis Enterprise, in their remarkable effort of protecting the supply chain industry for mangoes as well as the end consumers of the scrumptious fruit through the implementation of the future technology. As traceability became a huge aspect of why the technology of Blockchain started, the ability to access the information from raw materials, production, consumption to even the disposal could clarify the 5W1H questions that anyone; specifically consumers could have. Demands increase as the years pass by, but having the information to identify the verification and authenticity of produce is a huge factor for consumers to entities.

Counterfeits To Be Identified

The season of Harumanis mangoes and Perlis Sunshine mangoes commence between the end of March to early June every year. This means consumers and suppliers would be waiting in line to cop their sets of the fruits. The only downside from this process is when the time comes through, various unidentified entities would claim the authenticity and production as their own; resulting traffic to them without the security of the supply chain and actual fruits of Harumanis mangoes or Perlis Sunshine Mangoes. 

With the advanced technology of Blockchain, the information of the mangoes are immutable, verifiable and permanent for the viewing of the consumers. 

Looking at the global scale factor of any production, the supply chain consists of millions to trillion of individuals making a change everyday with countless amounts of water, food, oil, chemical to crops. With this change of season and scaling, the value of consumerism can be fully identified and traceable when a chain of transparency is compromised in all parts of the industries.

King of Mangoes: The Season of 2020

From quality checking to taste and the authenticity, the list goes on for the king of mangoes which has now empowered further through the future technology. If you have heard of the QR codes, it is no longer a stranger for the community to utilise it before any purchase would be made. There are direct sales through Y.A. Harumanis channels agents, but to take it a step further; the information of the company from certificates to the production process of the fruit is all presented for your viewing. From March this year alone as the start of the mango season, Harumanis is doing a promotion from RM50-RM180 with a free delivery or Cash-On-Delivery (COD) across the Klang Valley area only. You are more than welcome to contact Abqari at +6019 773 1516 to secure your sets starting from today!


About Y.A. Harumanis Enterprise

Commenced for nearly 20 years now, Y.A. Harumanis Enterprise is a center for the collection, processing to distribution of Harumanis and Perlis Sunshine Gold mangoes for the areas of Kampung Baru Panggas, Paya Kelubi, Lubuk Machang, Chelong, Padang Besar and other area categorised as the north of Perlis that produces a high quality of Harumanis produce. As an entity that has been organically growing mangoes, eco-friendly is part of its initiatives. Adapting Blockchain into the system has been able to allow further progress; as well as traceability of all the products.


WOWTRACE is a pioneering blockchain-based solution for the traceability of agricultural goods in Vietnam. With the aim of solving product information transparency issues, WOWTRACE provides real-time and transparent product information to the customers regarding all steps in the supply chain process. The solution is dedicated to enhancing transparency and sustainability for agriculture, and at the same time encouraging business ethics and corporate social responsibility, thereby paving the way for local agricultural commodities to join the global production chain readily. Some of the key features include the tracking and updating product statuses, to information auditing management with a user-friendly interface. For more info, visit

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