Fitri Abdullah On Blockchain Use Cases

Anil Prabha

June 9, 2020

A lot of businesses the world over are getting on the Blockchain bandwagon, and Oracle is one major player that has been at the forefront of it all. We recently sat down with Fitri Abdullah, Managing Director of Oracle Malaysia, to get his thoughts and share some customer success stories with our publication. This is the fourth part of our interview series.

A lot of businesses have already adopted Blockchain and big tech players have done their bit to help businesses make the shift. Could you share with us some success stories from your partners and customers from different industries and just how they benefit from the use of Blockchain? 

Fitri went on to explain some of the key highlights as included below:

  • Jyoti – Fair Works has started using a blockchain software provided by retraced, a participant in the Oracle for Startups program whose platform is powered by Oracle Blockchain Platform. Jyoti – Fair Works, is a small German “fair fashion” label that works with South Indian non-government organizations Jyothi Seva Kendra Trust and Nava Chetana Kendra to offer disadvantaged women in the region full-time employment, living wages, professional training, education, healthcare, and microloans. By mapping its supply chain data into retraced’s application—including certified details about the cotton growers, textile manufacturers, fabric dyers, designers, and seamstresses—Jyoti – Fair Works can store, map, and verify the authenticity of its suppliers’ activities – something its customers value. 
  • Arab Jordan Investment Bank (AJIB) – provides retail, corporate, and investment banking services in Jordan, Cyprus, and Qatar. Cross-border funds transfer for their customers has historically relied on a network of correspondent banking relationships and third-party intermediaries, leading to slow and costly transactions for both AJIB and its customers. AJIB has implemented a same-day funds transfer service using Oracle Blockchain Platform, which has reduced the costs and the time required for cross-border payments, while making the entire process more secure and efficient.
  • CargoSmart in Hong Kong, a maritime shipping specialist, together with a number of leading container shipping lines and port/terminal operators has created a Global Shipping Business Network consortium, which is using a hybrid deployment of the Oracle Blockchain Platform in the cloud and on-premises to support multiple applications for shipping documentation, Dangerous Goods (DG) declarations, and real-time status visibility, most recently working with Tesla to expedite the cargo release process.
  • HealthSync Inc. – Oracle Blockchain Platform powers this next-generation platform, helping to implement remote patient monitoring and ensure accuracy and real-time availability of data to the distributed care team.
  • Certified Origins Italia – To meet consumer demand for certified, high-quality food products, Certified Origins Italia is utilizing the Oracle Blockchain Platform to track and trace the Bellucci brand EVOO from their oil pressing mills and Italian bottling facilities to the port of arrival in the US.

It’s been 32 years since Oracle Malaysia first started operating in Malaysia. Based on reports, over 67% of the world’s SMEs or about 266 million businesses are in APAC. How can Oracle take advantage of this?

“Malaysia definitely has a significant number of SMEs, and most definitely cloud services have been popular among SMEs, helping them minimize IT costs, improve flexibility, streamline operations and enhance security,” Fitri stated. In 2017, Fitri mentioned that Oracle launched a digital hub in Malaysia offering cloud services to small and medium enterprises (SMEs), locally and across 22 countries in APAC. 

Be sure to tune in to our 5th part of this interview series next week with Fitri Abdullah, MD of Oracle Malaysia.

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