Exploring the Potential of Blockchain in Southeast Asia with T-BOX

Asia Blockchain Review
July 19, 2019

Asia Blockchain Review recently spoke to Co-Founder and CEO of T-BOX, Vincent Nguyen, who earlier participated in our Unblock Bangkok panel discussion. His firm, T-BOX, is a digital asset company with the goal of establishing a global digital asset capital markets platform that can provide high-quality investing and financing alternatives for investors and corporates. Vincent talked about his belief in blockchain technology, his experiences that have contributed to the founding of T-BOX, and his views on the potential of blockchain in Southeast Asia.

Asia Blockchain Review: How has your experience working in global companies contributed to the founding of T-BOX?

Vincent Nguyen: Prior to founding T-BOX, I worked for many years in the investment banking sector. As a banker, you become very familiar with the equity and debt capital markets, how corporate issuers use these markets for capital raising, and how investors use these markets to find investment opportunities. 

While working on my ICO project last year, I realized the potential for blockchain technology to support a new capital market involving digital assets. Each year, corporate issuers raise hundreds of billions of dollars via the equity and debt capital markets. If we can bring some of that capital raising to the digital asset capital markets, it would be the start of a very exciting and new business for all of us in the blockchain space.


ABR: Can you tell us about some of T-BOX’s services? Who are your clients? 

VN: T-BOX is essentially an end-to-end service provider for corporate issuers who are looking to raise capital via digital assets (ICOs, IEOs, STOs, etc.). Our main service areas include 1) deal and token structuring; 2) due diligence and regulatory approval; and 3) go-to-market and token launching. We are currently in talks with many large-scale corporate clients about launching new token projects, and we will have more updates for you soon!


ABR: You’ve stated that T-BOX is founded by ‘team members who are long-term believers in blockchain technology’. How has that translated into your work?

VN: Having a team that is passionate about blockchain technology is great because everyone is aware of not only what blockchain technology can do, but also what it cannot do. This keeps our company very focused on working with only the highest quality companies and token use cases for our ICO portal platform.


ABR: What are some of the key milestones achieved by T-BOX since its establishment in 2018?

VN: The key milestone for T-BOX has been obtaining conditional license approval for our ICO portal in April this year. It has been a long journey to this point, but we are encouraged by the strong support from Thailand’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

ABR: What is T-BOX’s long-term goal? What are the challenges to achieving this goal?

VN: Our long-term goal is to establish a digital asset investment bank that is focused on Southeast Asia. The main challenges will be obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals as well as the overall adoption of digital assets and tokens as an asset class. However, we are starting to see more corporate-style deal flow in the blockchain/token space, and as the market continues to open up for digital assets, we are confident in the potential for growth in this space.


ABR: What is the potential for blockchain in Southeast Asia? Which markets should we keep an eye out for? 

VN: There is enormous potential for blockchain and digital assets as a capital market in Southeast Asia. While there are equity and debt capital markets in the region, the level of development for each market varies by country. To this extent, we definitely see the opportunity for digital assets and token capital markets to become a viable capital-raising alternative for corporate issuers. 

In terms of specific markets/countries to watch out for, I believe all the countries in the region have become very active and open towards blockchain technology and all deserve equal focus.


ABR: How is blockchain transforming the everyday lives of people in Southeast Asia?

VN: Despite all the media attention it has generated, blockchain technology is still a long ways from meaningfully impacting people’s everyday lives. However, many world-class companies have recently launched blockchain projects that could prove to be very disruptive, and we believe that in the next 24 months we will really begin to see more widespread adoption of blockchain technology globally. At T-BOX, we are excited to be involved in this space and are looking forward to working with clients to develop innovative and impactful blockchain platforms.

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