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August 30, 2019

This September 11th – 12th, investors, developers, and entrepreneurs in the cryptosphere are gearing up to join one of the biggest events in the region dedicated to cryptocurrency at Invest: Asia, set to be held at Marina Bay Sands Convention Center in Singapore.

Sino-US Trade War Looms Large at Invest: Asia

As the effects of the Sino-US trade war ripple out through the globalized economy, Invest: Asia has lined up a series of compelling topics relevant in the age of protectionist measures and malicious monetary policy, exploring how the development of rival stablecoins could tilt the balance in the clash of super economies. 

According to an official statement released by the People’s Bank of China (PBoC), its Central Bank Digital Currency — potentially inspired by Facebook’s Libra Coin — is almost ready for launch. As the Sino-US trade war reaches fever pitch, it is not too far-fetched to see that the Libra Coin, with the global reach of Facebook’s platform, could undermine the Chinese yuan. But unlike the Libra, mired in regulatory and political scrutiny, the PBoC token has the backing of the state. 

Approaches to Crypto Regulation in Southeast Asia

Other than the impact of sovereign currencies and stablecoins on the global economy, Invest: Asia will also cover the state of crypto regulation in Asia, particularly the different regulatory approaches to Securities Token Offerings (STOs) by Southeast Asian countries. 

In Thailand, for example, digital assets are regulated under its Royal Decree on Digital Asset Businesses, and the country has amended its Securities and Exchange Act to legalize the issuance of tokenized securities, paving the way for the establishment of tokenization platforms in the country. 

The Philippines, on the other hand, has opted for offshore self-regulation through the enactment of digital asset token offering (DATO) regulations in the offshore financial hub of the Cagayan Economic Zone and Freeport, with the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority as the regulator and the Asia Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Association as the designated self-regulatory organization.

Join us at Invest: Asia as we explore these essential topics and much more.

Gathering Movers and Shakers in the Crypto Industry

According to CoinDesk, one of the organizers of Invest: Asia, the event has set itself a challenge of exploring how Asian crypto markets function and impact the world at large. At this two-day conference and expo, participants from across the region and beyond will get a chance to network, expand their business on a dynamic exhibition floor, and get updated on the latest developments in the industry.  

Organizers of the event revealed that apart from cryptocurrency, other tech companies in the areas of blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), Network Virtualization & Software-Defined Networks (NV/SDN), and 5G will also be joining the event.

With numerous talks and seminars, attendees can also expect to hear the latest updates on issues such as the state of the Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) market, the importance of Asian OTC desks, industrial mining and staking, unique insight from Asia’s top trading minds, and much more.

This year’s keynote speakers at Invest: Asia will include Bobby Ong, Co-Founder of CoinGecko; Long Vuong, CEO of TomoChain; and Yuesheng Ge, CEO of Matrixport, among other notable leaders in the crypto industry.  

Source: https://www.coindesk.com

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