Xin Chào! Blockchain


Asia Blockchain Review is back for our very first regional launch in Ho Chi Minh City, titled “Xin Chào! Blockchain”, bringing you news and updates on what’s been happening in this exciting space. We’re teaming up with Bitfish and Tomochain to look into how innovative technologies like blockchain is presenting new opportunities from different angles.

A big thank you to our venue sponsor, iTechBlack a coworking and events space.



18.00 – 18.30 Registration
18.30 – 18.35 Welcoming & Freshments
18.35 – 18.55 Consensus: PoW & PoS – Bitfish
18.55 – 19.20 The efficient platform for practical applications – Tomochain
19.20 – 19.50 Panel Discussion and Q&A
19.50 – 21.00 Networking



Mickey Stuart –

Director Of Event Management – Bitfish


Nguyen Bui –

Director of Marketing & Partnership – Tomochain


Nicole Nguyen –

Head of APAC – Asia Blockchain Review

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13 Dec 2018

iTechBlack Coworking Space


Asia Blockchain Review

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