UNBLOCK Vietnam: Strategic Investment during Covid19 Pandemic

Volatility And Unpredictability Is The New Normal


The global financial situation is definitely in a sorry state in the recent months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. When one witnesses a worldwide recession, it forces people to look at down-to-earth questions, i.e. which strategy can be used to improve the present investment situation?. In order to unlock this conundrum, ABR will bring the main players together who can make sense of this problematic scenario via an online sharing session named UNBLOCK Vietnam: Strategic Investment during Covid19 Pandemic. We will be utilizing Facebook Live, and the attendance of representatives of Infinity Blockchain Ventures, Infinito, Ministry of Justice, VIC Group and RMIT, will certainly make it an event to remember.

As a consequence of COVID-19, the economy is likely to experience disruptive effects. For investors, the typical knee-jerk reaction to global health crises and the resulting market fallout is to rush into reducing exposure to risky assets. How can we know what the best investments are to make during the times of crisis? Is crypto one of the options to invest in? What are the opportunities? What are the risks? Our live streaming will focus on those aforementioned questions and also open up discussions about crypto investment and essential analysis of the effect of the pandemic in terms of the financial market.

The event will be organised in a panel discussion format and focus on the following matters:

  • Market Analysis: How Coronavirus Is Affecting the Financial market?
  • What Trends Will Dominate the Next time?
  • Long- term outlook: What to do with your money?
  • About crypto investment: What is cryptocurrency? The current state of crypto investing and predictions as well as other related issues

There will be 1 moderator and 4 panelists joining our discussion, including:


  • Infinity Blockchain Ventures – Cris D. Tran, Regional Head, Managing Director


  • Infinito – Jack Thang Nguyen, Director
  • RMIT University, Vietnam Campus – Dr Linh Nguyen, Lecturer, Finance
  • VIC Group – Nguyen Nhat Quang, Chief Operating Officer


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Join us on Facebook Live to have a deeper review of our current financial situation and give yourselves a chance to win 10 USDT!

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16 April 2020

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